A fifth-century  archimandrite of Tabennese.

Paphnutius succeeded Victor as abbot general of the Tabennesiotes (Van Lantschoot, p. 20, n. 24), and Martyrius. He visited Patriarch Dioscorus, exiled in Gangra (Nau, 1903, p. 297), and obtained a miracle from the patriarch, who healed a paralytic. Paphnutius’ tenure of office must have been fairly short. The community of the Pachomians appears to have been unsettled during the reign of Marcian (450-457), and the great church of Pachomius at PBOW, under Victor, was completed only under Martyrius.

Paphnutius was celebrated at the White Monastery (DAYR ANBA SHINUDAH), as the extant typika show (London, British Library, Or. 3580A-3, frag. A, ed. Crum, 1905, no. 146; Vienna, Nationalbibliothek, K9726b, ed. Wessely, 1917, vol. 18, no. 266c; Vienna, Nationalbibliothek, K9734). He also is mentioned in the History of Dioscorus, preserved in Syriac and in Coptic (see Crum, 1903; and Nau, 1903).

There is reference to Paphnutius in the panegyric, attributed to the patriarch DIOSCORUS, on MACARIUS OF TKOW (edited from the Bohairic version by Amélineau, 1888, pp. 92-164, and from the Sahidic by Johnson, 1980). His feast day is 6 Ba’unah.


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