Pantalewon (Pantaleon)

Pantalewon is most remembered for the role of his in the success of Kaleb’s campaign in . Before leaving his African realm for the campaign, Kaleb visited the saint at his cell and received his blessing and encouragement to fight Zu Nuas (or Finnehas, according to local tradition), the ruler of Arabia who had inflicted serious on his Christian subjects. Pantalewon is also famous for the ascetic life he led. It is reported that the cell with which he is identified—he is sometimes known as Pantalewon of the Cell—was so narrow that he never slept or sat in it, even though he never left it after he entered it forty-five years before his death. His cell, which was north of Axum and was known first by the name of Dabra Asbo, later developed into a famous monastery carrying his name, Dabra Pantalewon. Pantalewon is commemorated on 6 Teqemt ().

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