Panesneu, Saint


A martyr whose story is typical of the legends of the martyrs that predominated in Egypt. The surviving text begins with the trial before Culcianus in which Panesneu presents himself as a deacon from Pakierkie near Pemche (Oxyrhynchus). A folio (now in Vienna) ends with the martyr declaring his readiness to make a sacrifice to the gods; this declaration is part of a simulated sacrifice in which a martyr behaves as if he were going to sacrifice but in reality is acting to the detriment of paganism. After a lacuna, the text recounts a rescue by Michael from the furnace of the bath. There follow two miraculous healings in prison, using oil that Panesneu consecrates with prayers and with which he heals the prison overseer, BESAMON, and Dionysius, the brother of Julius of Aqfahs, the friend of martyrs, who is well known from many legends.

W. Till (1936) has reprinted an improved version of the text initially published by A. A. Giorgi and has augmented it by a


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