Palaemon, Saint


Palaemon must be carefully distinguished from his namesake, the master of PACHOMIUS. The says only that he was a in the eastern mountains. Since all the notices peculiar to this were compiled in the region of Qift, it is more than probable that he lived in that region; however, the time at which he lived cannot be specified. Palaemon wished at first to go to the countryside of Egypt, but it is not known if the countryside was the Delta or the Valley.

He met Apa Talasun/LATSON, became his friend, and confessed his sins to him. Palaemon relates that having wished to sell the work of his hands at a place near Misr, he was tempted by the devil in the guise of a woman, who proposed that he should marry her. Finally, he recognized that this was a temptation, and at last received the gift of healing.

His feast day is 30 Tubah.