PAHOR LABIB (1905-1994)

Director of the Coptic Museum, educator. He was born in Cairo. His father was , who used to speak only Coptic with his family. He studied Egyptology at and obtained his from the University of Friedrich Wilhelms, Berlin, in 1934. He was appointed lecturer in the Institute of Archeology at in 1935.

In 1945 he held the post of keeper in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo. From 1951 to 1965, he directed the Coptic Museum. One of his important achievements is the excavation in the pilgrimage center of Abu Mina, which he started in 1951 and which was continued by the German Archaeological Institute of Cairo.

The greatest achievement of Pahor Labib is the protection of the Nag Hammadi Library in the Coptic Museum, and his cooperation with the International Committee of scholars under UNESCO to document and publish these invaluable Coptic texts. He taught Coptic at the Faculty of Archaeology of for many years, and was a member of several high committees in the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and the Egyptian Antiquities Organization.