one of the second group of five brothers who came to Pachomius at about A.D. 324 (SBo, 24; G1, 26—the life of Pachomius known through the Bohairic version and several Sahidic fragments, and the first Greek life of Pachomius, respectively). He is mentioned among the ancient brothers at the time of Pachomius’ appointment of Theodorus as steward of Tabennese (c. 336-337). He was still alive in 368, at the time of the of Theodorus, and was one of the ancient brothers who then urged to speak some words of comfort to the brothers (SBo, 208).

The monk named Pachomius mentioned in the fragment of a Coptic papyrus from of the could be this Pachomius or any other monk with that name, either “Pachomian” or not.

[See also: Monasticism, Pachomian.]

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