A British scholar of Orthodoxy and the . He obtained his doctorate at Cambridge University in 1933. From 1946 on, he lived in Egypt, serving first as senior lecturer in classics at the University of Alexandria and then, for over twenty years until his death, as professor at the Coptic CLERICAL COLLEGE in Cairo and librarian of the SOCIETY FOR COPTIC . During that period he concentrated on Coptic studies and produced abundantly in the field of . He authored numerous books and articles in the fields of and .

Apart from numerous articles, his most important works are: Le Lectionnaire de la Semaine Sainte, in PO 24-25, Paris, 1933 and 1939; “Turuhat of the Coptic Church,” Orientalia Christiana Periodica 3 (1937):78- 109, 505-549); A Guide to the Monasteries of the Wadi `n Natrun (Cairo, 1954); “The Coptic-Greek-Arabic Lectionary of ,” Bulletin de la Société d’archéologie copte 16 (1962):83- 137); The Rite of Consecration of the , text according to MS 253 Lit.-, Cairo, 1960; The Egyptian or Coptic Church: A Detailed Description of Her Liturgical Services and the Rites and Ceremonies Observed in the Administration of Her Sacraments, Cairo, 1967.

A more complete bibliography of Burmester has been compiled by in Bulletin de la Société d’archéologie copte 23 (1976-1978):235-44.


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