NASTARUH (Nastarawah)

A town in Egypt that seems to have been located in the northern Delta along the coast of the on Lake Bashmur (Maspero, 1919, p. 211). The fact that the repeated onslaughts of the Greeks against in the middle of the ninth century prompted the citizens of Rashid, Alexandria, and Nastaruh to strengthen their walls is an indication of Nastaruh’s proximity to the sea and consequent vulnerability to attack. Nastaruh’s position in medieval Coptic- scales and lists of Egyptian bishoprics, as well as the evidence of medieval Muslim authors, points to Kom Mastaruh west of Nisf Gharb al-Burullus as the probable site of the old town.

Nastaruh is attested in the sources as a since the tenth century. The relates that around 960 the bishopric of Nastaruh had to be combined with neighboring bishoprics because starvation and poor harvests had severely diminished the population of the cities in the region.

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