Apparently the third and youngest brother of Hibat-Allah ibn al-‘Assal, the second being al-Safi Abu al Fadail ibn al-‘Assal (Safi al-Dawlah). He lived in the first half of the thirteenth century, though no precise date could be assigned to him from the sources.

Mallon (1907) ascribes to him two works that appear under al- As‘ad in Kahhala’s dictionary based on Cheikho’s of Christian manuscripts. They are Majmu Usul al- wa- Masmu‘ Mahsal al-Yaqin (Records of Foundations of Religion), and Al-Tabsirah al-Mukhtasarah (Abridged Contemplation).

Other works by Abu Ishaq quoted by include Adab al- Kanisah (ecclesiastical usages) and Khutab al-A‘yad al-Sayyidiyyah (festal homilies).

But his major and enduring contribution lies in the field of philological studies, specifically his famous scala under the title Al-Sullam al-Muqaffa wa-al-Dhahab al-Musaffa. Several attempts were made before Abu Ishaq to present a lexical compilation of Coptic vocabulary into Arabic, but most of them were confused and hardly usable except perhaps the work of Anba Yu’annis, bishop of Samannud, who made his selection from liturgical works, the Gospels, and Theotokia. Abu Ishaq used the work of Anba Yu’annis and improved on it by filling lacunae and by alphabetizing entries.

He also profited from the knowledge of eminent contemporaries, notably the priest Abu-al-‘Izz Mukhallis, al-Wajih Yuhanna of Qalyub, and the shaykh al-Tuqa ibn al-Dahiri. For the first time, it could be said that a definitive and reliable Coptic sullam was achieved; this was the text that Kircher presented in his famous Aegyptiaca Restituta.

Apart from the three Awlad al-‘Assal already cited in this article, two others are worthy of mention. One was their father, Abu al-Fadl ibn Ishaq ibn Abi Sahl ibn Abi Yusr Yuhanna ibn al-‘Assal, known as Fakr al-Dawlah (al-Katib al-Misri, the Egyptian scribe). The other personality is that of al-Amjad Abu al-Majd ibn al-‘Assal, a prominent functionary who lacked the literary glamor of the three older brothers, but who served as the eminent financier of the distinguished family.

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