MURAD KAMIL (1907-1975)

An Egyptian scholar and educator in ancient and modern languages. He studied under Enno Littman and had a brilliant academic career in and Germany. He specialized in Semitic languages, ancient and modern, those of the as well as those of Ethiopia. A master of Greek, Latin, and classical Arabic, he was also well acquainted with many Western languages, including German, French, English, Spanish, and Italian. He taught at University, the Coptic CLERICAL COLLEGE, in the Institute of Coptic Studies, the University of Freiburg, and the Institute of Arabic Studies at the League of Arab States.

Murad headed the education mission delegated to Ethiopia by the Egyptian and was for two years (1943-1945) undersecretary of state at the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. He founded and directed the Higher School of in Cairo. He was a member of the Academy of Arabic Language and many other scholarly institutions. Always deeply concerned with the problems of the Coptic church, Murad took part in several of the protracted between the Coptic and the Ethiopian churches. He bequeathed his library, comprising about 20,000 volumes, to the Coptic patriarchate.


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