This province is situated in the southeast of the Delta, between the Eastern Desert and the branch of the Nile. Monastic traces here are few. In addition to the two important sites of Atrib and Dayr Apa of Siryaqus, we may note the Dayr Nujtuhur and Kafr al-Dayr.

Perhaps the name of Dayr Nujtuhur bears witness only to the existence of a monastery at one time in this place. Today simply called al-Dayr, it is situated in the district of Tukh. Muhammad Ramzi notes that the name varies in the ancient documents. In fact, we find it under the names of Dayr Awlad Khat‘am or Dayr Bani Haram. The name of Dayr Najtuhur appears to be the oldest.

A small town in the district of Shibin al- bore the name Kafr al-Dayr, which may come from the presence of a monastery there at one time. Today it is simply called al-Dayr.

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