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Minuf Al-‘Ulyah - Coptic Wiki


The old Arabic name of a city in the Western now known simply as Minuf. Located in the province of Minufiyyah, the city lies about 15 miles (24 km) west of Banha. Minuf al-‘Ulyah was known in as Onoqfij (Onothphis) and in Coptic as anoufe or onoufe.

Minuf al-‘Ulyah was a bishopric by the middle of the fourth century as evidenced by the attendance of Bishop Adelphios of Onouphis at a in in 362 (Munier, 1943, p. 8). Though we cannot be certain because there are some periods for which we have no records, it appears that the city has had a bishop for most of the time since that century. The seat of the present bishop of Minuf al-‘Ulyah is Shibin al-Kom, located about 8 miles (about 13 km) northeast of the city.

Saint Abraham (see ABRAHAM OF MINUF) was from Minuf al-‘Ulyah as was the martyr Simeon (see SAINTS, COPTIC), who was put to death in the Arabic period.

There is still a Coptic church in Minuf, the construction date of which is unknown.


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