Michalowski, Kazimierz (1901-1981)


A archaeologist and Nubiologist. He studied classical archaeology at Lvov and continued his studies in Berlin, Heidelberg, Münster, Paris, Rome, and Athens. In 1934 he collaborated with the Institut français d’Archéologie in Egypt in its excavations at DAYR AL-MADINAH, near Luxor.

After World War II he resumed his activities, beginning with the at TALL ATRIB (1957) and a visiting professorship at Alexandria (1957-1958). In the spring of 1959, he founded the Center for Mediterranean Archaeology at Heliopolis. As president of the Society of Nubian Studies for many years, he distinguished himself in the field of Nubiology.

His major publications include Palmyra (Warsaw, 1968); Faras, centre artistique de la Nubie chrétienne (Leiden, 1968); The Art of Ancient Egypt (London, 1969); and Karnak (translated from Polish; and New York, 1970). His festschrift is Mélanges offerts à K. M. (Warsaw, 1966).