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Menas, Saint - Coptic Wiki


The eighth-century bishop of Tmuis. The life of Menas is known from the SYNAXARION, the notice of which is read on 7 Hatur, and the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS, in the notice on KHA’IL I.

Menas was a native of Samannud in the Delta. He was an only son, and was married against his will. He kept his with his wife, and they put on haircloth belts under their garments and spent the night in prayer. Menas left his wife and went to DAYR ANTUNIYUS, where he met Kha’il I, the future of Alexandria.

They went to the in Scetis, where at this time ABRAHAM AND GEORGE had made themselves famous. Soon Menas was named bishop of Tmuis by the SIMON I (689-701). He was the spiritual father of four and laid his hands on them at their consecration: ALEXANDER II (705-730); COSMAS I (730-731); THEODORUS (731-743); and Kha’il I (744-767). He died probably in 768.