Mathurin La Croze-Veyssiere (1661-1739)


A Huguenot historian and linguist. He wrote no less than four dictionaries (Armenian, Coptic, Slav, and Syriac). His correspondence with P. E. Jablonski and David Wilke, Lacroze, Mathurin Veyssière de, Thesauri Epistolici Lacroziana (ed. J. L. Uhlius, 3 vols. Leipzig, 1742-1746), has many references to Coptic. After his death, his manuscripts passed into the hands of Th. Hirsch and C. E. Jordan (1881, pp. 504-506), whose brothers sold the Armenian and Coptic dictionaries to the University of Leiden, where the manuscript of the Coptic dictionary is still kept (Codex 431 B). C. Scholtz, the brother-in-law of Jablonski, asked his pupil C. G. Woide to copy this manuscript. Woide also made a copy for himself. This dictionary was published in 1775 in Oxford by Scholtz and Woide (Kammerer, 1950, no. 289). La Croze’s dictionary was based on copies of Coptic manuscripts that Jablonski had given to him of the New Testament, the of Basil and Gregory, and the of the Old Testament published in 1663 by Petraeus (ibid., no. 852). J. F. CHAMPOLLION, who composed a Coptic lexicon, made use of La Croze’s dictionary.


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