Maspero, Jean (Jacques) Gaston


A French papyrologist. He was the son of the celebrated Egyptologist Gaston MASPERO, who early imparted to him a great interest in and numismatics. became attached to the Institut française d’Archéologie orientale as assistant to E. G. CHASSINAT and participated with his father in the cataloguing of the Byzantine papyri of the Cairo Museum for the Catalogue of the Service des Antiquités.

He joined the army during World War I and was killed before the publication of his work, which his father saw through the press. His great promise in is testified by some of his contributions: Histoire des patriarches d’Alexandrie depuis la mort de l’empereur Anastase jusqu’à la réconciliation des églises jacobites (published posthumously, Paris, 1923); Fouilles exécutées à Baouit (Cairo, 1932); Papyrus grecs d’époque byzantine, 3 vols., Cairo, 1911-1916. Repr. Osnabrück, 1973.


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