Mary The Egyptian (5th Century)

MARY THE EGYPTIAN (5th century)

A Saint and ascetic. She left home at the age of 12 and went to Alexandria. After a career of infamy there, as an actress and courtesan for 17 years, she was converted on the threshold of the in Jerusalem. She spent the rest of her long life as a penitent in extreme asceticism in the desert of Jordan.

After 47 years, a devote monk called Zosimus met her there by chance. She asked him to come to see her in the following year to give her the communion. But when he came, he found her dead body. He buried her, helped by a lion. Mary is commemorated in the Arabic Synaxarion of the Copts in the sixth of Baramudah. She is venerated by the Church as a great image of repentance.