Marqus Al-Antuni

Practically nothing is known of Marqus al-Antuni, save that he died on 28 Abib, worked many miracles, and must have been a monk at the monastery of Saint Antony, as his name indicates. However, he is not mentioned in the Arabic SYNAXARION.

The account of his life and miracles is found in only one unpublished, little-known copied at Cairo by the priest ABU AL-MUNA on 14 July 1679, as commissioned by Butrus, disciple of the 103rd patriarch, JOHN XVI (1676-1718). The manuscript is in the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo Graf, no. 492, Simaykah, no. 627, fols. la-53b [life] and 53b-90a [miracles]).


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