A fourteenth-century Melchite of Damietta. A of 206 sheets (Sinai Arabic 264) containing an Arabic of the typikon of Saint Sabas made by Abu al-Fath Qustantin ibn Abi al-Ma‘ali ibn Abi al-Fath was completed on 5 A.D. 1355.

This translator was the father of Marqus, as we learn from a note written by the bishop and added to folio 1, which reads, “This typikon was given as an by the lord [my] father, during his lifetime, to me, the poor Marqus, servant of the see of the port of Damietta, the protected property. This was as a perpetual bequest, in my favor, as long as I live. And after my removal, it shall be a bequest to the Monastery of Mount Sinai, the holy mountain of God …. Written on Wednesday 28th Ishbat [sic] of the year 6866.” The last number is written in Coptic cursive figures. The date corresponds to 28 February 1358.

Another note written in the hand of the Marqus of Mount Sinai anathematizes whosoever should remove this from the monastery (fol. 1r). The handwriting is more slipshod than the foregoing note, but it is from the end of the fourteenth century. This is probably the Marqus mentioned in another manuscript (Sinai Arabic 90, fol. 318v) as being the of the monastery in 1398-1399, when Marqus, bishop of Damietta, was already dead, and had bequeathed to Mount Sinai the manuscript of his father.