Mar Mina Cultural Association


This is a Coptic association founded in Alexandria for the purpose of acquainting Copts with their history and cultural heritage. It was inaugurated in 1945 by Banub Habachi, the curator of the Greco-Roman Museum and regional inspector of antiquities, who was responsible for the discovery of a marble city in the desert of near Alexandria extending over 40,000 square meters. This was dedicated to Saint THE MIRACLE MAKER, a Coptic saint and martyr of the third century (see ABU MINA).

The ruins of an ancient church and monastery were also discovered in that area. The modern by the name of Mina, later consecrated as VI (1959-1971), the 116th pope of Alexandria, built himself a cell there during his early monastic life. Around that cell arose the reconstruction of a cathedral church and a monastery bearing the name of the saint.

The society organizes lectures and publishes monographs on subjects related to Copts.


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