Mansi, Giovanni Domenico (1692-1769)


An Italian churchman and prolific author and editor of religious texts. One of his major projects was the issuance of a new edition of Baronius’ Annales ecclesiastici (1738-1756) supplemented by his own notes and addenda.

However, the main object of his life remained the compilation of the church councils, Conciliorum et Amplissima Collectio (31 vols., Lucca, 1758-1798), more widely known as the Amplissima, which covered the subject down to the in 1439. As far as the is concerned, the first six volumes, down to the in 451, are of paramount importance, since the ecumenical movement was recognized by the until that date. Volumes 31 and 31-bis should also be taken into account because of the presence of Coptic and Ethiopian delegations for church unity at the of Ferrara- Florence. Since then, continuations of Mansi’s work have been conducted by others to Volume 50, reaching the year 1870.


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