Makramallah The Hegumenos


An eighteenth-century priest known from two manuscripts in the library of the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo.

In 1724 Makramallah was probably pastor of the Church of of Fumm al-Khalij in Cairo. He copied a small-sized manuscript of 183 containing the of the Holy Week in Coptic and Arabic; he bore the costs himself, as he informs the reader. He then bequeathed it to the Church of Saint Menas.

In 1737 he was a hegumenos serving the of Harit al-Rum in Cairo. In 1740 Makramallah had a very fine manuscript with gold miniatures copied by Ibrahim ibn Sim‘an, the brother of the abbess of the Monastery of al-Amir Tadrus in Cairo. This is a small-sized Arabic manuscript of 133 containing the of John.

He may have been the father of the and copyist MAKRAMALLAH AL-BAHNASAWI.


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