Makhurah (Mareotis)

MAKHURAH (Mareotis)

A small late Roman settlement on the Mediterranean coast about 10 miles (16 km) west of ABUSIR (Taposiris Magna). Up to now the significance of the place has not been ascertained. Apart from two large churches, there are only a few domestic within the surrounding wall, and the people that lived in them would have been far too few in number to fill these churches. On the other hand, the site is too exposed for a monastery.

Of the two churches only the older central church, which has a higher elevation, has been partially uncovered. It comprises a very short five-aisled with a sanctuary that boasts a remarkable number of rooms including two baptisteries. The majority of them would have been added later. In the walls of the church, which were all badly and with poor material, a number of shapeless dungeons were let in, possibly at a later date.

The western church situated on a lower plateau is a more substantial and carefully built structure and comprises a long three- aisled with and atrium. The east end is made up of five rooms of which the two outer ones extend beyond the side walls. The altar room is narrower at the back than at the front. It cannot be seen whether an apse was installed.


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