The fifty-ninth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (932-952),(feast day: 24 Baramhat). Macarius, who is cited in the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS as Anba Maqarah, was a native of a called Shubra near Alexandria. He became a monk of Dayr Anba Maqar. Nothing is known about his life beyond his selection and his passage through his native village on the way to Alexandria, which had not been the seat of patriarchs since KHA’IL III. wished to visit his old mother and show her the glory of his office.

But his mother was unhappy and received him with tears and told him that she would rather have seen him in his grave, for as patriarch he must bear the responsibility for a whole nation, something beyond human forbearance. departed from his mother in profound grief, but nevertheless remained on the throne of Saint for twenty years.