LUDWIG KEIMER (1893-1957)

A German .

Keimer was a professor at , where he became vice president of the Egyptian Institute. He earned doctorates from the universities of Münster (1922) and Würzburg (1922, 1924). His most influential mentor, G. Schweinfurth, wrote the preface to Keimer’s first Egyptological work, Die Gartenpflanzen im alten Ägypten, 2 vols. (Hamburg, 1924).

A bibliography of his publications appeared in the first part of Keimer’s Etudes d’égyptologie (Cairo, 1940). Biographies were published by J. Leclant in Archiv für Orientforschung 18 (1957-1958):488-89; and by B. van de Walle in Chronique d’Egypte 33 (1958):66-78, 235, the latter of which includes a bibliography for the period 1940-1957.


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