Laying Of The Cornerstone Church


A is prepared, containing the Bible, a silver cross, a current coin, and a certificate containing the names of the patriarch, the governor, the bishop, the priest, and the leaders of the congregations, that is certified by the officials and dated.

The bishop then takes the box, puts it under the place of the door of the main sanctuary, and then blesses it. Incense is then offered, followed by the of Thanksgiving, and a reading of the prophecies from Genesis 28:1-31.

The Pauline Epistle (Heb. 9:1-11) comes next, followed by the psalm and the gospel. Then the priest prays the Prayers for Peace, the Patriarch, and the Congregations, and then a special and the absolutions.

The structure of this rite is identical to other rites such as the rites of burial and marriage. This rite was published for the first time in 1959 by Bishop Athanasius of Beni Sueif.