Kom Namrud


An early Christian settlement on the edge of the desert, northwest of , part of which has been uncovered by the . As in , the hermitages consist of rectangular buildings situated well away from each other, with a walled courtyard and a small living area in one corner that was often extended on different sides at a later period. The ground plans of the houses, however, differ from the examples at KELLIA.

Almost in the center of the area is a church that was built partly on an older and was constructed along the lines of a . Early Christian were used for the columns. The sanctuary of the church consists of an with a wide but short forechoir and two rectangular side rooms. The southern side room is narrowed a little on the south and east sides in order to make room for a staircase. Inserted in the wall work on both sides of the apse curve are two small rooms probably intended as hiding places (KHIZANAH).

[See also: Architectural Elements of Churches.]


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