A british and papyrologist, born in Bristol. He was educated at the University of Bristol and at Oxford. There he studied under C. H. and B. Gunn. He was a Lady research fellow in Egyptology at University College, Oxford (1945-1953), lecturer in papyrology at Oxford (1953-1965), and professor of Egyptology at Oxford (1965-1974). He was ordained in the Church of England in 1956.

Although he published comparatively little in the field of Coptic studies, his strength lay in his teaching of the and literature. Apart from his papyrological studies and articles, his works include The Ashmolean of Sinuhe (London, 1952); Five Ramesseum Papyri (Oxford, 1956); Four Martyrdoms from the Coptic Codices, with E. A. Raymond (Oxford, 1973); and Nag Hammadi Codices: Greek and Coptic Papyri from the Cartonnage of the Covers, with G. M. Browne and J. C. Shelton (Leiden, 1981). He died in Oxford.


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