John I


Surnamed Hemula, saint and twenty-ninth patriarch of the See of Saint Mark (494-503). As a former monk from the monastery of Saint Macarius (DAYR ANBA MAQAR), he marks the beginning of the choice of patriarchs from the desert monasteries rather than from the learned clergy of Alexandria. According to the HISTORY OF THE PATRIARCHS, he is credited with securing gifts of wheat, wine, and oil for his old monastery of Saint Macarius from the Emperor Zeno (474-491).

Though firmly anti- Chalcedonian himself, he remained in communion with those who accepted the HENOTICON of Zeno without imposing a formal anathema on CHALCEDON, and for this reason the schism of the ACEPHALOI continued. The Acephaloi as a group remained bitterly hostile to Chalcedon and opposed the conciliatory nature of Zeno’s Henoticon. They were so named because they had no conspicuous leader.

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