Prince of Saxony (1869-1938). art historian and traveler. He was the son of Prince Georg and Maria of Portugal. He studied the history of art, national economy, and philosophy at and Leipzig (1888-1891). Then, until 1918, he pursued a career, becoming commander of a brigade. From the end of the nineteenth century, he traveled to all the countries of Europe and many of the Near East and Egypt. In 1910 he visited Saint Catherine’s Monastery at Sinai, the churches of Old Cairo, and the monasteries of Wadi al-Natrun, accompanied by Murqus Simaykah. They traveled to the south as far as Nubia.

During his travels to Egypt in 1927, 1928, and 1930, was accompanied by J. Sauer. He published reports (Kammerer, 1950, p. 183) and books, with plates, about his travels that are still useful: durch die Kirchen und Klöster Ägyptens (Leipzig, 1914); Neue durch die Kirchen und Klöster Ägyptens (Leipzig, 1930); Neueste durch die Klöster Ägyptens (Leipzig, 1931); and Klöster der Gegenwart (Aachen, 1918).

On his fiftieth birthday he received a festschrift, Ehrengabe deutscher Wissenschaft dargeboten dem Prinzen Herzog zu Sachen zum 50. Geburtstag von katholischen Gelehrten ( im Breisgau, 1920). The bibliography compiled for his sixtieth birthday was reprinted in 1981. His collection, which includes a number of Coptic antiquities, is now at Mainz.


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