JIRJIS AL-MAKIN (late 14th c.)

A Priest, theologian, encyclopedist. Sometimes referred to as “ the Younger” in order to distinguish him from the 13th-century of the same name, Jirjis was a physician from a well-connected Coptic family who later became a monk. He is best known as the author of a theological compendium entitled Mukhtasar al-bayan fi tahqiq al-iman (The Brief in Faith’s Verification), or for short—and more accurately—as al-Hawi (The Compiler).

The work begins by addressing Christological matters, but then goes on to treat a great variety of topics. Its recent publication in Egypt (by the Monastery, in four substantial volumes totaling over 1,600 pages) will undoubtedly encourage the study of this witness to Coptic theological culture in late medieval Egypt.