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Jirjis Al-Jawhari Al-Khanani - Coptic Wiki


An known from three manuscripts of the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo: Theology 90, Liturgy 102, and Theology 54.

In 1776 he was pastor of the Church of the Virgin at Harit al-Rum in Old Cairo. In 1777 he copied an Arabic manuscript of 207 large sheets (32 x 23 cm; Coptic Patriarchate, Liturgy 102). This contains two works. The first is a description of the consecration of CHRISM performed during the reign of the patriarch, XVI (1676-1718); it was composed in 1704 by ‘ABD AL-MASIH, pastor of the Church of the Virgin at Minyat Surd (cf. Graf, Vol. 4, p. 134, no. 1). The second manuscript contains three accounts of miracles performed by the deacon and al-Makin Abu Mansur al- Tukhi.

For the first work, al-Khanani probably used the autograph original by ‘Abd al-Masih, dated 27 Ba’unah A.M. 1420/3 July 1704, which the author had bequeathed to the Church of the Virgin of Harit al-Rum.

For the second work, al-Khanani probably took as his model the only other known manuscript (Coptic Museum, Cairo, Liturgy 128). The whole of this manuscript was copied by ‘Abd al- Masih of Minyat Surd in 1710. It includes both works, as does the manuscript copied by al-Khanani.

Last, in 1778, Jirjis, now calling himself Ibrahim Jawhari al-Khanani, completed his copy of the first part of the of the commentary by CHRYSOSTOM on the of in forty-seven homilies, made by al-Safi ibn in 1232. This is a large manuscript—33 x 23 cm—containing 152 sheets, copied from a manuscript dated 25 Misra 1450/29 August 1734, which in turn was copied from a manuscript dated A.M. 1027/1310-1311 originating from al-Barari. This is now the only known manuscript of the of al-Safi ibn al-‘Assal (Coptic Patriarchate, Theology 54).

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