An eighteenth-century priest known from three manuscripts of the , Cairo: 90, 102, and 54.

In 1776 he was pastor of the at Harit al-Rum in . In 1777 he copied an of 207 large sheets (32 x 23 cm; Coptic Patriarchate, Liturgy 102). This contains two works. The first is a description of the consecration of performed during the reign of the patriarch, (1676-1718); it was composed in 1704 by ‘ABD AL-MASIH, pastor of the Church of the Virgin at Minyat Surd (cf. , Vol. 4, p. 134, no. 1). The second manuscript contains three accounts of miracles performed by the and al-Makin Jirjis Abu Mansur al- Tukhi.

For the first work, Jirjis al-Khanani probably used the autograph original by ‘Abd al-Masih, dated 27 Ba’unah A.M. 1420/3 July 1704, which the author had bequeathed to the Church of the Virgin of Harit al-Rum.

For the second work, Jirjis al-Khanani probably took as his model the only other known manuscript (, Cairo, Liturgy 128). The whole of this manuscript was copied by ‘Abd al- Masih of Minyat Surd in 1710. It includes both works, as does the manuscript copied by Jirjis al-Khanani.

Last, in 1778, Jirjis, now calling himself Jirjis Ibrahim Jawhari al-Khanani, completed his copy of the first part of the epitome of the commentary by on the in forty-seven , made by al-Safi in 1232. This is a large manuscript—33 x 23 cm—containing 152 sheets, copied from a manuscript dated 25 1450/29 August 1734, which in turn was copied from a manuscript dated A.M. 1027/1310-1311 originating from al-Barari. This is now the only known manuscript of the epitome of al-Safi ibn al-‘Assal (Coptic Patriarchate, Theology 54).


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