Jesus Loves Sinners (1) (10)

Jesus loves sinners (2) (10)


By: House of God’s Love


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Jesus loves sinners as approved by His words in the Holy Bible and by dealings with sinners. Jesus accepts and welcomes sinners; He neither despised them nor got disgusted of them. He is not only protecting and defending them but also forgive them entirely and gave whoever accepted Him will be given the robe of righteousness and garment of salvation.

These series are an entrance to the path. So let us focus on knowing God and how He sees us. Because we are sinners, we will focus on his view and how he treats sinners lovingly. If you want to know Jesus, accept Him, and change, keep following and reading this series you will reborned.

It is a simplified approach and practical steps in the holy life.

The Lord gives us a rinovated mind and acceptance of His love through the intercession of our Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the prayers of our blessed father, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Glory to our God in His church from now and forever Amen.

As I am, in the way to my godfather, filled with inner joy because of the words I keep hearing that Jesus loves sinners. But suddenly, a voice whispered in my ears similar to snake’s moan: “you are a sinner; you are sinful; you are dirty; Jesus does not love you, He is disgusted at you. Aha! Aha! Aha!”.

I tried to get rid of that sound, but it kept buzzing and buzzing as if it were thousands of hornets, humming and buzzing: “ sinner; sinful; sinner; sinful;” and reminisced me of my old sins which I thought it is forgotten but kept reviweing them as live reminiscence klipping. He laughs and says, “Do you think that he loves you?! You are sinful, dirty and sinner. How can He loves you? Aha Aha “. I screamed from my heart: “O Lord Jesus! O Lord Jesus!” When I reached my godfather, I was mentally and psychologicaly exhausted for the guilt feeling is killing and affects more than bodily ailments.

My godfather, as he saw me, concerned about the reason why I looked tired and exhausted, so I explained. He told me: you are right, son, for the guilt struggle is the most difficult that confronts us in our spiritual path and Satan uses it to make us doubt Jesus love and acceptance of us. This point will be elaborated in the following part.

The first evidence of Jesus Loves Sinners is the The Holy Bible Words. We spoke about it in details previously. The second evidence is

How Jesus Treated Sinners

There are three indicators of Jesus Loves Sinners. The first indicators is

Complete Confidence Of Forgiveness

 If you are confident that God accepts me, I must believe that He will forgive and vanish all my sins. He gives me garments of salvation and the robe of righteousness (Isaiah61:10). Means that Man in God eyes is completely clean and pure “white as a snow”. Like a child or an adult after baptism, he wears a white garments, a symbol of purity and pureness that we take with baptism.

I said: shall I be baptized after each mistake I commit to be “white as a snow” ?!

He said: of course not. “Regret is the second baptism.” as fathers said \every time you say “I have sinned”. Regret and return to Jesus, take white garments and be “White as a snow” Completely as you were after baptism and all your sins and all your trespasses shall be forgiven, if you trust. That makes you strive harder to keep.

A pretty white garments and full forgiveness 100% but Satan is extremely maliciousness tries to doubt us in our forgiveness and tells you “This is not complete forgiveness but just repentance”.Be a slave to sin and Satan always doubts.

In a village, a man went to the market to buy a small sheep two months before the feast to slaughter it on the feast after they fed him and grow up.On the way to the village he was dragging the lamb in a long way through the reed.

Three thieves wanted to take the lamb from him but they did not want to take him by force because they were in the daytime and it is possible for people to show them if the man screams and is able to catch them, They thought of a new trick to fiil at this man, one of them met and greated him at the beginning of the road as if he knew him a long time ago. And asked “what is this?” He said “a cheep will be slaughtered on the feast”.

With sarcasm, way the thief said ‘it is a dog not a sheep; this is a new kind of Chinese dogs. He said: How come! All of people know this is a sheep. The thief said to him: it shaped a dog really it is a dog. During this, the second person met him and handed over the man as if he knew him and the thief as a stranger. When he looked at the sheep, he said (surprised) you bought a dog, is it! He said to him “No it is a sheep”.

He laughed loudly and said to him “You have been deceived, they sold you a dog as a sheep” The man was surprised and did not complete the speech yet the third person appeared in the gang and handed over the man and took a laugh “You have been deceived, they sold you the dog. You are the fifth one today; they sell him the dog and say that it is a sheep”. The three are laughing.

The poor man could not bear that and said to himself “Obviously, I let the dog out, instead of ridiculing the village”. Then he let the dog out on the road. He returned sad, concerned and convinced that they had sold him a dog. Here my godfather turned to me and said: What do you say about this man?

I said: Sorry, He is fool or childish.

He said: As a result of what happened, When he returned the village started to say to the people there are Chinese dogs like sheep. When somebody bought a sheep, such as the one he bought. He convinced him that it is a dog.

 After that the whole village have been deceived

When they see a sheep, say a Chinese dog. Even if someone had a sheep He treated it as a dog. If a someone comes from another village and tries to convince them, they laugh at him and say, He didn’t understand, ignorant and wants to deceive them.

It is appropriate for the believers to not pass a day without sitting with God and listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. So that the light of the Lord shines in their lives, which will help them to better know themselves. As a result, this will help them to know God, their creator, the one who wants their salvation, and the one who is preparing the eternal glory for them.

 Mar Yaqoub al-Soruji

I said: Oh, my father it is a big and serious problem.

He said: Satan does this with us. He wants to doubt us in the truth of our forgiveness and in the confidence of our acceptance and say, “It is not forgiveness but just a repentance.

It is not reasonable to remain sinless!. Although Jesus says to them, “I have forgiven all sin. yet, there are a simple people and whom suffer adversity from Satan. Believe this my son, I have forgiven all sins. Why do you believe the liar? The Bible says “And When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you[a] alive with Christ.

He forgave us all our sins; (Colossians2:13) and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.. (1John1:7) all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus (Romans3:24) who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies. (Romans8:33)

To whom that will not believe the blood of Christ is cleanseth us from all sin, and accepts full forgiveness would still a slave and suffer adversity, far away from God because of his ignorance. Not to believe the word of God and to believe Satan or People are deceived by Satan. They started to repeat and defend the words of Satan as if it is right. But they are really deceived and want deceiving the rest!.

To be focused and practical, we will talk about

Three wars are fighting us to accept forgiveness

The first is

Not every sin”

The devil is not naive that to come openly and clearly and says to you God did not forgive your sins.

But he says, “God forgive, but certainly not every sin, maybe some or most of them, but every sin is not reasonable! You became a saint!

I said: He really does this with me!

He said: If you believe that God forgives but not full forgiveness, he will complete the target and say to you”One sin is like fifty” stay in your sin there is No Hope.

If you believed that, you will never be back and stay in the filth of sin.

I said: When he doing that with me. What should I do?

He said: Do not negotiate with him; he is a liar and the father of it. Do not believe him. Fight him with the word of God and rebuked him in the name of the Lord and say to him: he is a liar and the father of lies. (John8:44)

The holy bible says that “and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin”. (1John1:7) All, not some, not the majority, but he forgave all sin.

I said: If I repent and accept forgiveness, I will be without sin?!

He said: Forgiveness is healing us from sin; it must be a complete healing. Imagine that someone bleeds, went to the hospital, and treated all the wounds, but the doctor said to him that is enough so we treated many wounds except for one wound bleed there is no need to treat it so that we can handle others in order not to do an incident again. Do you think it’s a treat for him?! Do you think he will keep himself safe from accidents again? Do you think the patient will love doctor or trust in him again?

I said: It is not logical, the doctor is crazy for sure if he leaves him, he will die certainly the patient will hate the doctor and will not go to him again.

He said: The devil tries to convince you that God is as if a doctor who makes the patient suffers and tells you that it is impossible for God to forgive all your sins. So beware of doubting of this evil and his lies. He wants you to doubt forgiveness. over time you will lose confidence in your healing and will despair and say “I will perish. Let us eat, drink and shall we sin, for tomorrow we die .and hate this doctor (God) who refused to heal your full recovery and away from him. But God can not be so. But when he forgives, this forgiveness is complete all sin. Therefore, do not believe the devil or those people who are deceived by the devil.

I said: The devil is malicious. I thought that this was a kind of humility and that man did not trust in full forgiveness so that he would not be afflicted with pride! But it became that it led to the perdition and distance from God.

He said: Even if the patient tells the doctor to leave this wound, “I do not deserve full recovery. I am guilty. So as not to be pride.” Do you think your doctor will leave this wound untreated?

I said: of course not. If he went to the doctor, he must heal completely; the doctor will do the best for him.

He said: Of course, my son, many people are deceived by Satan and still saying”Surely, the doctor did not treat all the wounds and there are still other wounds bleed”. If the person believed this talk he would injure and by time he would bleed until he died. Believe this, if you go to Christ, keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault (Jude1:24) I reject all the ideas of the Devil, even if is wearing the false clothes of humility.

I said: Malicious and destructive things despite their beautiful form in the form of humility and non-accrual. What is the second war in the Non-forgiveness, Father?

He said: The first war is “Not all the sin” He doubted you that God did not forgive every sin maybe some or majority of them but not every sin will be forgiven.

The second war is:

As soon as

Satan tries to doubt that God will not forgive you once you return to him, maybe, he leaves you in your filth and sin, and maybe, he leaves you in your filth and sin. It hides in the form of humility and seriousness, to prove this and says to you “it is reasonable to say to Christ forgive me. he forgives you immediately “. made this hard for you. forgiveness is not granted so easily and not every day, maybe in the end of week, month or in Christmas. But evey day or any time!! This is very difficult. If a man believed the words of the liar. When he falls into any sin he says”I always sin and stay in sin until I repent at the end of the month or week”.

Surprised, I said: you know my thoughts, my father. Actually, Satan says these words. But is it real, Father, when Iam saying, Lord, forgive me from the depths of my heart, Lord will forgive? Is forgiveness so easy?! Is it possible to make me careless?!

He said: Sin is very close and we fight every moment and every hour, Satan’s arrows wounded us. If we did not accept the healing of Christ by His blood. We will stay bleeding and die in the story of a patient who is bleeding, could a doctor tell him”You always come wounded. I will leave your wounds for the end of the week and I will treat them once. So do not be careless”. Do you think your doctor can do that? Do you think the patient can endure bleeding for the end of the week or day?

I said: of course not. It is impossible for a person to bleed for so long without dying. If he does not die, at least he will be exhausted and suffering. When he knows that the doctor was able to heal him and leave him in pain and tired.He cannot be accepted or loved and hated to feel that the doctor is commanding and cruel. God is not only a doctor but a compassionate father. But more than anyother father or mother. It does not endure to see us in our disease and leave us a moment in our fatigue and humiliation. But just to return. He embraces, healing and strengthening us.

So the father has embraced the lost son as soon as he returned, and did not leave him to the end of the week or the end of the month, and did not insult him, “You are dirty. You have lost all the money in impurity, and have inherited me while I am alive. So stay away to know your fault. He brought the best robe and put it on him. Put a ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Bring the fattened calf and kill it. Let’s have a feast and celebrate; What a great love?! Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. At any time you return to him and say “forgive me”, His holyness will embrace you and you will rejoice. “Thy sins be forgiven thee” he says to you.

I said: What a wonderful word, God accepts sinners easily and forgive them as they repented. Do you think this easiness does not make me careless?

He said: It is a good question, son. There are two things that make you not careless.

First: Results of sin and its bitterness. The sin is not easy and so as to return, according to God meanwhile you return he will accept and welcome you but the difficult stage is your return!!

I said: Why?

He said: First, you are fighting with disperation; Second, you are habituated to sin. Like an addict who wants to stop but unable!! This is the problem and difficulty! For God, as soon as you return, he embraces you. Son I think that the person who returns to God from the bitterness of sin, slavery, and cruelty do not think for a moment that he is returning to slavery and humiliation. Sin is very humiliating, if you fall in because you have long accustomed to sin and that healing is not so easy if you cry to God every day you will take full healing and be released from sin.He has a phobia of sin (once shy twice bitten).

I said: Father I agree with you sin is very humiliating, but sin has delight even if it is false, and that is why I am careless and back again to sin.

When a man falls in the sin, he loses his happiness and feels depressed and upset from the pangness of his conscience.However, repentance will help him gain back his joy of salvation.

Father Anthemus the Jerusalemite

He said: Son you are right, sin is a fake has a temporary delight; like a snakeoil, since the person will die, he will seek any remedy because the result is one, But if he is well thinking, snakeoil is fraudulent cure.

The second thing makes you do not be careless is the fullness of the love of Jesus and our trust in his appreciation for us. As we have already said, the main cause of fall in sin is the need for love and appreciation. A person falls in sin because he is sick.

The main sins are the sins of lust (adultery) and sins of pride (false glory). Sins of lust express a hungry person for love and tenderness. Resorted to lusts and impurity to satisfy his need. But if he trusts that Jesus Christ loves him, embraces him and accepts him, he will not think for a moment of impurity and lust “One who is full loathes honey from the comb” (Proverbs27:7)

Any person who fights or falls in this kind of sins (lusts and impurity of all kinds) to know that he needs to satisfy the love of Christ and his bosom and trusts that he is acceptable and beloved, whatever his weaknesses, infirmities, and past.

Whether he falls in adultery, anomalies, youthful habits, porno films, Christ loves him and welcomes him as he welcomed Sinners in the past and accepted them as the adulteress who was taken in adultery, in the very act. The woman was a sinner who kissed his feet. He did not rebuke accuse her of being unclean. How dare you to touch him, the Holy Immaculate?! he stills embraces everyone who accepts him and he is bearing their suffers.

Their fall and weakness are estimated because He is the Best doctor. He knows the effects of the past will not vanish suddenly. He will not leave them until their freedom and healing of the past effects. Even if they get tired in the way or weak, he will support and strength only cry to him, ask him and trust in his love and asked to satisfy his tenderness.

 When you fight like this for a kind of sin, you know that, you are hungry for love. pray this

Hunger Prayer

Say that”O Jesus fill me with your love and protect me in your bosom”repeat it until the war is over.The sins of pride and self glory. Expresses a human being who needs to feel appreciated. And that it has value, existence, and personality. He resorts to pride and imposes himself in any form to prove his existence but if you trust that if he trusts in this, he does not need to look for his value among people.

He does not take his value from money, power or beauty. He does not care about the fleeting things to dominate the others or gain their appreciation. But he trusts that he has his values as a son of Christ When you fight with such kind of sins (pride and love appearing or gaining admiration and appreciation of others). Know that you are hungry for Appreciation.

Say this in your pray:

The Appreciation Prayer

 “O Father, I do not want honor from men just you, your grace is sufficient.” repeat it until the war is over.

Son return and trust in your full and immediate forgiveness and beware of the devil’s war for you that God will forgive you but “not along”. But as soon as you return, and at the time you say “I have sinned”, he says to you ” thy sins be forgiven thee”, fill you with love, embrace you, and call you “My son”. If you are satisfied with loving God, he will protect you from weakness and careless and hunger for the sins of lust (impurity) and sins of pride (false glory).

I said: Amazing words! In addition, it is my first time to hear about. What about the third war to accept forgiveness?

He said: The first “Not every sin”, the second “Not always”, and The third war is

“Your strive is not enough”

The most important reason is that I think I am taking forgiveness by the power of humankind, my tears or my strive, not by the blood of Christ, of course, no strive, no prostrations, no shame, and humiliation. Unless it is lawfully you have to be reconciled with God. Because if a man also strives for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strives lawfully.

First Litanies in the Third Watch in the Midnight Prayer “with a compassionate eye, O Lord, look at my weakness, for shortly my life will end, and in my deeds, I shall have no salvation”.

For the wages of sin is death (Romans6:23). There is no other solution either to accept the Christ sacrified for him or to remain in this feeling of guilty and uncleanness that does not end and stays in eternal death. Who thinks that he will be forgiven by strive. He is deceived by devils and from himself. He lives under anesthetic conscience and will fall in impurity, sin, feel that he is impure and all his sins are not forgiven. The sense of partial forgiveness based on human strives, tears, and entitlement is forgiving and false. A person is weak before sin and feeling rejected by God or not fully accepted. he thinks that it is humility but the truth is not forgiveness, and all sin still remain as it is, and the barrier between him and God still remain as it is.[1]

Either the full forgiveness and purity with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Or unforgiveness, impureness, and disconnection from God.

Either living within the light of God


living in the darkness of the devil .

Christ died for you, so that you may do something. Do not think that your human abilities have obtained this for your forgiveness. Strive is required in spiritual life, but do not forget the forgiveness of God on the cross.

I said: Do you get forgiveness for free?

After Christ died to give you forgiveness, you are trying to do something, this means that you will not be tempted to do what you did. Your forgiveness cost Christ a lot. His blood cost him to imagine. After giving the President a presidential amnesty for a criminal sentenced to death, The convicted person goes to the court and gives the president 100 pounds for his pardon!!!

I said: Actually, the president and his work are despised. But actually take the forgiveness so easily do not need a sincere need!!

He said: Forgiveness is very expensive and the price of it is death and Christ paid this price and gave it to us for free, a free gift from him. Although forgiveness is absolutely free, it is given only to those who seek it, appreciate it and trust in its effectiveness. Means that he realizes that he is really sick (sinner) and needs treatment (forgiveness) and goes to the doctor (repentance) and believes that the doctor can heal him completely (faith). DO you sick, my son?!

Do you need to heal from your sin?!

Do you trust that the blood of Christ will rid you of all sin?!! This is the point!

The prophet Isaiah asks for the forgiveness of all of the sins because if one of sin remained, he will be forbidden from the entrance into the Kingdom of the Lord.

Father Anthemus the Jerusalemite


I said: Father I am very sickand I need forgiveness and healing. But do I believe that forgiveness comes suddenly or gradually?

He said: We must have faith in the Word of Christ.
When God say “He forgives” so “He forgives”[2]. “Every sin” to be “all and every sin.”[3]

Trust is not based on our feelings or on the words of people but on the word of God, God is sincere. But the sense of forgiveness grows gradually, especially since we are not accustomed to hearing the word of forgiveness a lot, even though it is Christ’s message to the world and we need to focus on it in the teachings of Sunday schools, sermons, and youth meetings.

what are the most souls who bleeding and needing to heal?! And the most Broken Heart who needing help?!. And what more sinners who needing a word of forgiveness?!, but everyone needs it every day and every hour. we are all sinners and we need to hear the word of forgiveness so much. Until we get used to hearing and believing it in our feelings as well as our minds.

Jesus came to redeem the souls and he expected for us to accept this forgiveness and rejoice in it and tell the others. nor to busy with the things of this world and forget the salvation of our souls. I will tell you a story

 A mother left her son with the nanny and told her to take care of him more than anything in the home and keep him safe. The nanny said to the mother “no worries, I will take a good care of him.” After insuring that her son is good hands, the mother traveled to the suburb, and her son got sick. The boy had severe diarrhea, and his nanny kept on cleaning him and his clothe until she got tired of cleaning and washing him over and over. Therefore, she said to the boy “I need to clean and mop the floor, wipe the glass clean, and help the people working in the kitchen. So just take the medicine, and I will clean you at the end of the week if you continue to have diarrhea.” After she said that, she left the boy in his nasty clothe, crying and screaming in his room and closed the door. The nanny forgot the boy as she got so busy cleaning and taking care of the house. Four days had passed, and the mother had returned home. Once she got into the house and before anything else, she first asked the nanny about her son and said to her “how is my son?.” The nanny got so sacred and confused and said “he got sick and had diarrhea, and he smelled really nasty. So, I decided to clean him at the end of the week because he would have healed.” in a shock, the mother asked the nanny “where is my boy?” the nanny replied, “He smelled terrible, and I was really busy with cleaning the house and helping the workers.” The nanny pointed at the marble and continued “look I made sure that the workers got you the best marble type,” and she pointed at the chandler and said “see ma’am it is made from crystal, and it’s one of the best brands out there. Everything looks beautiful, do not you see?!” And as the nanny with going on with her words, the mother yelled at her “SHUT YOUR MOUTH, WHERE IS MY SON?” and ran to her boy’s room, where he was left for four days in his dirtiness. And right at that point, my father looked at me and asked my “what do you thank had happen to the boy?” In my shock, I said “surly the boy died in there, and his body rotten and his bones degraded. He was left in his waste for four days, it is like you leave a child in the sewage for four days. How horrible that is?!”

He said: He said, “Actually, this is happened.” My father looked at me again and said, What do the mother with the nanny?!

I don’t fear the day of judgment or get terrified from the heaviness or wickedness the of the sins, as it is unable to stop me from loving my God, Jesus Christ.

st. John Chrysostom


I said: Maybe kill her!!!

He said: the sin is filth and corruption, and the Lord Jesus came to purify us of our filth. If we do not cleanse the wound quickly, the whole body gets poisoned, As well as we need cleanse sins quickly, We do not neglect the salvation of our souls and leave corruption in us for the end of the week and not for the day even if a second. As St. Theophan the Hermit says, “Do not delay repentance for a moment, but as soon as you pay attention to yourself, go quickly and confessing your sin and trust in forgiveness”. Do you know what a moment means?

I said: Means a second

He said: Maybe Femto seconds do not delay repentance and return so as not to enter the circle of risk. There are three things in delaying the acceptance of forgiveness or in delaying the cleansing of the wounds of sin. Distrust of full forgiveness is risk and causes three things.In horror I said What they are?

He said: The first risk of delay of forgiveness is

Familiarity with sin and indulgence with

If we do not believe in full and immediate forgiveness, we will stay all the time feeling sinful and with the length of time, we will get used to sin as nor dowe do anything[4]. With time, conscience dies and man loses his shyness and humanity and even not distinguish between good and evil[5].

In one of the street markets found in India, a man had some pigeons and wanted to sell them. To let the pigeons be visible for the customers while keeping them from flying away, he tied one leg from each pigeon to with string and tied the strings to the middle of a tall metal pole attached to the ground. Therefore, the pigeons flow in circle around the metal pole.

After a little while, a Hindu man came to and asked him “what are selling?” The man answered, “I sell pigeons.” So the Hindu man said to him “I will buy the pigeons from you, but I will not kill them. I will let them fly.” The man said to him “well, I do not care what you to with them. All what I want is to sell them.” After they agreed on the price, the Hindu man untied the pigeons and let them fly freely with no strings. The pigeons flow for a small distance, and then landed back on the ground, and started to walk in circles, as if they were still tied up to the pole. Because the pigeons got so used to be tied with a string to a pole and fly only in circles, they were unable to believe that they were finally free to fly anywhere. Moreover, the pigeons went back to captive and flying in circles, even though there were no more strings or a pole to fly around. Captivity became the normal for the pigeons, while freedom was the extreme abnormal.

When you sit in isolation from the world put the image of Jesus Christ in your mind, the one who loves you and was crucified for your sins. When Satan fights you with carelessness, remember what your sins did to your Lord. When Satan fights you with desperation, remember the power of the cross and the work of God in you.

John Chrysostom


I said: This is my current situation and youth like me.

He said: the situation is a risk and leads to getting used to sin and loss of the meaning of life with God and the end of perdition and loss. If our mind is not changed and we trust in full and immediate forgiveness it will become from bad to worst. over time, we forget the meaning of holiness and corrupted our nature. And get accustomed to the life of sin and impurity.

A young man lives in an expatriate house in a single room; he neglected to clean his room. He was dropped the trash, food, and beverages in the same room as well as the dirty socks and did not take care of personal cleanliness. What do you think the room smells?!

I said: What a disgusting room!

He said: He did not listen to any advice to clean the room and to open the window to enter the air. why he does not feel the smell of the room? Guess what?!

I said: Sure, because he got used to that smell.

He said: you are right, anyone who is used to sin and does not clean himself (repent) and cleanse the wounds of sin bleed and die. Like the young man, who has dropped the trash. And the stench of the room was more and more without feeling it.

I said: what will happen next?

He said: If he does not clean himself, he will be poisoned and die. So if we do not clean ourselves from the disease of sin and its stinking smell we will get used to it and die because of it without feeling.

I said: what about the owner of the house?!

He said: although he always induced them about the cleanliness every day and how much is necessary, yet, there were those who cleaned every day, every week and every month, Especially that cleanliness is free.

Reveal your wounds to the doctor, and he will heal you. Remove the scars of your wounds with your tears just like what the Samaritan Woman from the Bible did to get rid of her sins.

(St. Ambrose)

Thus, we also have a father who we take

Forgiveness and the purity from him not every day but every hour.every second, we are returned in the arms of a loving father.He feels, loves, cleanses and sanctifies us.

So as not become accustomed to the filth of sin and become accustomed to her smell.

The Lord Jesus taught us in the Lord’s Prayer to pray and say, “forgive us our debts”. The Church also taught us to pray “loose remit, and forgive us O God, our iniquities which we have committed willingly and which we have committed unwilling, the hidden and the manifest. And to say every day before we sleep “Lord, all our sins which we committed against you in this day, whether in deeds or in words or in thought or through all senses, please remit and forgive us, for the sake of your holy name”. The trust in full and daily forgiveness after each sin is very important so as not to become accustomed to sin. Our lack of confidence in full forgiveness also makes man indulgence of sin.

I said: Does God really forgive me when I pray and say, “Forgive us our debts”?

He said: I will ask you a question. Is God a faithful or a liar?

(Surprised) i said: Far be it from, Of course faithful.

He said: As long as God is faithful then he must be true in his words. He said”Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out” (Acts3:19). When you repent and say: “forgive us our debts” God will forgive your sins and will not remember them again[6]1. “Forgive us our debts” and “please remit and forgive us our sins” what does this mean? What is the need to pray if God does not respond to our prayers and forgive our sins?!

I said: What a serious topic! The thoughts of old sin are fighting me. I would like to get used to the new situation. What is the second risk of not accepting complete forgiveness?

He said: The first risk is getting used to sin.

The second is

Distrust of confidence in accepting our prayers.

I said: What does that mean?

He said: When a person does not trust his complete forgiveness, Satan begins to doubt him and say to him ” Do you think God hears your prayer?” Are you going to act like a saint?!

The simple man, if he believes the devil, even if he prays, he has no hope that he will respond to him, and his prayers will be just an imposition, but there is no faith or waiting for a response. And repeats “I am unclean”.

This is the main cause of the apathy in prayer

The person’s feeling that his prayers are not accepted, do not have any meaning And that it is merely the imposition to a holy God. Perhaps he will satisfy or accept us (sinners and unclean). He feels the barrier of sin between him and God’s response[7]. not only, But He also makes man flee from prayer. but also, He feels that prayer is heavy and a burden that escapes him and may hate it. (Because in prayer we meet with God and because man is aware that he is dirty, unclean and naked tries to hid himself like our father Adam in Paradise).

You see that practically If we do a statistic on the proportion of people attending churches not to exceed 20% in the seasons (church feasts)[8]. What’s a bad thing?!, but it is a fact that we must recognize and deal with. Additionally, we see the horror of people and their fear of partaking of the Eucharistic because the feeling of nakedness and impurity and refusal to accept forgiveness kill and destroy them, but if people knew that every second God be forgiven for them once they return and say we are sinned. That God welcomes sinful sinners and looks to them as his weak children in need to strength and his sick children in need of a cure (his body and blood).

If we understood that and taught it in our churches, we would find ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands; coming to the Church every day to get healing and forgiveness. We will see everyone preaching and shewing the word of the gospel and the beauty of forgiveness when they taste it! instead of ashamed and fearful which has become ours. Since Mark[9] the Apostle came from 20 centuries and all of Egypt know Christ. what we did ?!!.

For if we are not confident in our forgiveness, then what shall we preach and proclaim?. What are the neediest souls for the word of forgiveness and the word of tenderness from Jesus? in the world filled with evil and impurity from every side and pornography is fighting young people from every direction. The need for forgiveness and purity was more than ever.

If we do not do so, it is not far to be like Europe and the youth will leave the churches and become like museums, we meditate the beauty of its buildings and the splendour of its paintings and we will sorrow for the time and effort we have wasted in it to convey Jesus’s message of forgiveness and salvation to the tired youth of Satan’s wars. leaving only a group of elderly people who are waiting for their death was remain. 

I said: Really, O father, the most thing we need in adolescence is the word of forgiveness and acceptance, not assumptions and prohibitions. We feel we are at war with Satan and need those who encourage us and heal our wounds. It is not for those who frustrate us and feel guilty and dirty more than we are.

“Today, if only you would hear his voice, do not harden your hearts” (psalm 95: 7-8) Today’s word here means that you can repent at any point in your life, even when you are elderly, as repentance is not based on age, but on your spiritual condition. Remember how the people of Nineveh did not need a long time to get rid of their sins, as it only took those three days to crush the evilness of their sins. Additionally, remember the Right Thief who washed his sins away with one sentence and stole the heavens in a blink of an eye.

John Chrysostom

 I have known the main reason for the non-prayer and therefore a result because we feel guilt, impurity and lack of forgiveness, so we have a conviction that God does not respond to us so there is no need for our prayers!.

He said: the third risk is:

Distrust of sense of appreciation and loss of purpose

Distrust of confidence in full forgiveness means I am not acceptable here on the earth, and there is in eternity I will be rejected. Here is loss and there is also.

As the doctor hates the disease and try to heal the patient in every way possible, the Lord works his grace in his children to wash their sins away and free them from its chains.

St. Augustine


I said: What a great loss?!

He said: this is one of the most important things to cause the thought of addiction and indulge in impurity and more atheism thought

I said: What is the solution on this point?

He said: We will speak about the solution in detail when we speak about the real indicators of Christian

I said: Why are you so focused on the forgiveness?

He said: We are at the beginning of the spiritual path and through the spiritual approach, we will speak about it many times. Forgiveness is the first step by which we enter to Christianity to meet with the heavenly Father. Without it, we will be left out. Forgiveness is the focus of Christianity, Christ came for this task. Without accepting His full forgiveness for all our sins

There is no meaning to the Cross-and no benefit to His blood. Do you know why the devils afraid of the cross?

I said: mmm!!

He said: Not because it is just a sign, by cross we took forgiveness the instrument of sin was ripped (like a bill of exchange)[10]. We become free from Satan. But if we accept the cross as a word and we do not believe in full and immediate forgiveness we will live as slaves and Satan[11]humiliates us moreover, our prayers have no meaning. No joy in our lives, there is no hope of salvation in our death, for without forgiveness hell awaits us. Hell is our end, The our fate is torment. . A man who did not trust in his forgiveness, Satan will humiliate and enslave him every moment and say to him, “you are a sinner, unclean” ” that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.” (Revelation3:1)

I said: I need steps to get rid of sin, especially repeated sins

He said: We will speak in detail about this point when we speak about the repeated fall and the freedom from it and how to repent? But now we focus on the first step that is Jesus loves sinners and welcomes them. and forgives them for all sins, whatever their type or replicated like adultery, homosexuality, atheism, murder, and addiction. If you do not accept complete forgiveness and Christ was wearing you a garment of salvation and the robe of righteousness. you will stay naked and the devil humiliates you. If you do not trust the blood of Christ will purify you, every day from every sin (All, not some, not the majority) you will be as if you did not accept Christ and will not know or taste the meaning of Christianity.

I said: Are there practical spiritual practices that helps me to accept forgiveness and trust in it?

He said: There are many practical practices but in the first, we focus on renewing our minds and changing the ideas we have taken from the world. I will tell you three simple practices

When you fight with no forgiveness

“and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin”. (1John1:7)

When you fight lusts, pray the prayer of hunger

”O Jesus satisfy me with your love and protect me in your bosom”

When you fight with pride, pray the appreciation prayer

“O Father, I receive not honor from men. Glorify me, your grace is sufficient.”

Repeat these prayers until the thoughts are over

I said: It’s simple and easy, but why the practice consist of verses and prayers, and also the repetition?

He said: This is the style of the Lord Jesus in his war against Satan. When the devil was fighting him on the mountain, he did not argue with him or enters into a dialogue with him.

But he used the Word of God, which it is sharper than any two-edged sword. (Hebrews4:12) Therefore, we must use the Lord’s word against the devil, as the Lord Jesus did. In which you can defeat the devil. There is no need to enter into dialogue with him, such as our mother Eve because, in the end, he will deceive us, whatever our wisdom or intelligence are? But resist him only by the word of God.

As to the repetition, this was God’s request for us to meditate in his law day and night (Psalm 1: 2). As long as we’re alive, we need protection. White blood cells are constantly prepared to attack any microbial. The Air Defense Force is vigilant day and night to protect the country from any attack. We must be prepared as brave soldiers carrying the arms (the word of God) against our enemies at all times.

As well as repetition, even renewed our minds can be revived from the evil’s words and influences of the world and the poisonous’s arrows of Satan directed against our ideas. So do not despise these simple practices, and do not weigh them, but consider them as the medicine we are dealing with against the disease of sin. There can be no take a single dose and heals but continues until he heals. These simple practices are practical things that must be continued until we grow in this approach and we find a real result that are continuingand lasting.

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[1] ”But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear”. (Isaiah59:2)


[2] So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (Romans10:17)


[3] And the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin. (1John1:7)


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[5] Who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. ( Ephesians4:19)


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[11] But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. (Romans6:22).


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