JEAN SIMON (1897-1968)

A Belgian Coptologist and scholar. A member of the Society of Jesus, he was ordained priest in 1928. At first a Bollandist (1930), he had for reasons of health to be assigned to less demanding work. Simon was professor of the Coptic and Ethiopic languages at the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome) from 1932 to 1966. He published texts in both languages and took an interest in the continuance of the Coptic for a congress (1936).

In 1938 Simon accompanied in his exploration of the monastic sites in Egypt. Besides his courses, his most extensive activity, and the one that earned him the recognition of Coptologists, was the publication in Orientalia from 1948 to 1965 of a “Bibliographie copte,” which took up in a different form the work of W. Kammerer.