, SAINT (feast day: 5 al-’)

The notice that the devotes to this saint is very deceptive through its banality. We do not know at what age he died, and hence we cannot fix the date of his birth. We do not know the place of his origin. He lived in the .

He dedicated himself very young to the monastic life, having reached the Monastery of () in . He withdrew into one of the cells of . He was named of the church of the . His renown reached the town of Misr, and he was chosen to be its bishop. His promotion only caused his humility and his zeal to become even greater. He reprimanded the negligent at the moment of sacrifice of the divine mysteries. He knew two patriarchs, Anba CHRISTODOULUS (1047-1077) and (1078-1092).

We know from the that James died in 1088 after occupying his episcopal seat for twenty- four years.


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