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Jacob Of Saruj - Coptic Wiki

JACOB OF SARUJ (Ya‘qub al-Saruji, 451-521)

Monophysite Syrian writer. He was born at Kurtam on the and was probably educated at Edessa. He became a priest and served at Hawra in the Saruj district of Mesopotamia. During the time of the domination of parts of Mesopotamia, he rallied the Christian population with his letters. He became bishop at Batnae (Batnan) at the age of sixty-seven.

He was called “the Flute of the and the of the Believing Faith.” An incessant, voluminous writer, he is said to have composed 760 metrical homilies, as well as other prose works, letters, and hymns. The verse works are largely in the Jacobite twelve-syllable meter. His does not emphasize his own Monophysite religious affiliation, and translated into from Syriac, it makes up an important part of the nonbiblical reading lessons for Jacobites and Copts.

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