A monk and priest. The alphabetical collection of the devotes two distinct chapters to Isidorus and to Isidorus the priest, but apart from some extracts from , it appears that all the items relate to the same person: Isidorus “the great,” priest of Scetis, of whom Cassian also speaks in his Conferences. A strenuous ascetic and a man of prayer, he was known for his gentleness and patience.

From the time he became a monk, he never burst into anger, and this mastery of himself won for him an extraordinary authority over the demons, and also miracle-working powers. One day he restored sight to a blind man. Above all, he had the gift of healing souls, and was successful in the most difficult cases. Without remission, he labored with all his might because, he said, “ of God has come here for us.”

No special notice is devoted to him in the , but he is described as a saint in an apothegm taken up in the notice in the Alexandrian devoted to Zacharias.


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