ISAAC, SAINT, ( of al-Qalali)

A fourth-to-fifth-century monk of Kellia (feast day: 19 Bashans). He had been a disciple of Cronius, then of Theodorus. After having fled to escape the priesthood, he had nonetheless allowed himself to be ordained. In his on the Life of St. John , PALLADIUS praises him as “a man exceptionally versed in the Scriptures and very hospitable” (PG 47, pp. 59-60). Himself very strict in his asceticism, he bitterly deplored the laxity that was being introduced among the monks. Isaac, the of the Kellia, is mentioned in both recensions of the Copto- SYNAXARION. He is not to be confused with of Scetis, another monk. Both are often named in the APOPHTHEGMATA PATRUM.

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