Two personages are recorded by the name of Isaac and in relation to the DAYR ANBA SAMU’IL at . They are perhaps one and the same person. The first calls himself a priest and ascetic of the monastery in the Life of Samuel (Alcock, 1983, pp. 1, lines 4 and 5 [text], and 74, lines 5 and 6 [trans.]).

The second is revealed by a passage in the recension of the of the Copts from Lower Egypt, at 13 , which recalls the consecration of the church called that of Misa’il. This story is placed in the mouth of an of the monastery of Anba Samuel of al-Qalamun, called Isaac.

If the first can be dated approximately to the first half of the ninth century, the second story offers the reader no indication that gives any possible dating.


  • Alcock, A. The Life of Samuel of Kalamon, by Isaac the Presbyter. Warminster, 1983.

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