Two personages are recorded by the name of and in relation to the DAYR ANBA SAMU’IL at al-Qalamun. They are one and the same person. The first calls himself a and ascetic of the monastery in the Life of Samuel (Alcock, 1983, pp. 1, lines 4 and 5 [text], and 74, lines 5 and 6 [trans.]).

The second is revealed by a passage in the recension of the of the Copts from Lower Egypt, at 13 Kiyahk, which recalls the consecration of the called that of Misa’il. This story is placed in the mouth of an abbot of the monastery of Anba Samuel of al-Qalamun, called Isaac.

If the first can be dated approximately to the first half of the ninth century, the second story offers the reader no indication that gives any possible dating.

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