IBN AL-‘AMID AL-MAKIN ( ibn Abi Yasir ibn Abu al- Makarim ibn al-‘Amid al-Makin)

A Coptic historian (1205-1273). He wrote a universal history, al-Majmu‘ al-Mubarak, consisting of two distinct sections. The first started with the creation and covered pre- Islamic times; the second dealt with the Islamic period down to his own times in 1260. For the pre-Islamic period, he used the as a principal source for his history. For the Islamic period, he followed the example of the famous Islamic chronicler al-Tabari. Apparently he used the work of his predecessor as well as that of his contemporary Ibn . His chronicle includes a succinct history of the (summarized by A. Gutschmidt, 1890, pp. 395-525). It is here that the works of al-Makin and Ibn al- Rahib overlap, and it is difficult to distinguish who copied whom.

Al-Makin was born in Cairo, though his ancestors must have come from Takrit in . He also lived in and occupied the office of scribe in the military office in Cairo, where he was later deposed and incarcerated, and then freed. He retired to Damascus, where he died. His world chronicle has been translated into Latin, French, and English.


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