A work in the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY. It occupies the final four pages of Codex XI (XI.4.69.21-72.33, with the missing conclusion most likely at the bottom of page 72). A titular superscript, HYPSIPH[RONE], is given at 69.21, restored with confidence on the basis of the use of this name at XI.4.69.23-24, 70.22-23, and 72.21; the tractate also presents itself in the incipit as “the book [about the things] which were seen [by] Hypsiphrone, being [revealed] in the place of [her] virginity” (XI.4.69.22-26).

Hypsiphrone, “she of high mind,” is described in the company of her brothers, and she proceeds to deliver a revelatory concerning her from the place of her virginity into the world (XI.4.70.20-21) and her conversations with Phainops, the “bright-eyed one.” Unfortunately, because of the deteriorated condition of the text, the precise contents of the discourse are impossible to determine.


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