HUGO IBSCHER (1874-1943)

A German technician and restorer of manuscripts and . He was trained as a bookbinder, but entered the service of the of in 1891, where he was entrusted with the mounting and restoring of papyri. While on the staff of the museum, he was permitted to undertake work elsewhere, and many important papyri were restored and mounted by him in the collections of , London, , , Paris, Prague, , Cairo, Rome, and many others.

For his work on the restoration of parchments and other manuscripts in the Vatican, he was awarded the Order of and received an honorary doctorate from Strasbourg. He received the Leibnitz Medal of the Prussian Academy and the medal of the Bavarian Academy. Though he was responsible for the restoration of most of the important Coptic papyri, his literary work was rather limited: “Bucheinbände aus Ägypten” (Berliner Museen 33, 1911-1912, pp. 46-52) and “Koptische Bucheinbände aus Ägypten” (ibid., 49, 1928, pp. 86-90).


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