How to pray- The prayer response secret (2) (15)

How to pray- The prayer response secret (2) (15)



Why do some people’s prayers answered, while others don’t!! as if they don’t pray or pray to another God who doesn’t respond?!

There is a secret in response to prayer:

First: Expectation. Second: Patience. Third: Perseverance.

Perseverance is the practical translation of a true expectation of prayer response.

And frankness without the response of prayer, spiritual life becomes a useless concern and fatigue, so The Lord Jesus challenges us at (Joh 16:24) and says “ask to take and rejoice”.

This series is a simplified practical step in spiritual life that helps you grow and fruit, but it is gradual and also a process without commitment to gradually and the process will not reach the desired result.

The Lord Jesus gives us lasting joy and teaches us the secrets of his love, with the intercession of our Virgin Mother and the prayers of our Blessed Father, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, and to our God, glory forever. Amen.

I arrived to meet my Spiritual Father after an effort, the sun is hot and, on the way, I got tired of walking and I got the idea of coming back more than once, but I persevered until I arrived even though I was on the way to pass out. But after I arrived, I rested and for the first time rejoiced at my father’s coming.

My father came and said, “Hello son, you must be tired of the sun!”

I said: If it wasn’t for god’s grace and prayers, I could have passed out from the heat, so I was very tired on the way, but after I arrived, I forgot all the tiredness, also I was happy that I took the decision to continue and not come back.

He said: Today we will talk about the last point in the mystery of the prayer response which is

Perseverance in request

The first point was to anticipate the response (things that express a real expectation are: Selection- Busy- Waiting).

The second was patience, i.e., I’m waiting for what I ask, not ask and forget, and the things that help me to be patient (The Bible recommends it- Nature teaches us patience-The saints have been patient and have won.)

And so, perseverance is that I persevere every day with requests, as a practical expression of patience. I can say That I’m waiting for the response, I’m patient, but what is the practical proof of this patience is to ask every day, every day, with perseverance.

I said: But God, will not get bored of me?!!

He said: No, he will not, the Lord Jesus Himself who has commanded us with urgency and perseverance in demand, in the example of a midnight friend (Luke 11) and in the example of the woman and the judge of injustice (Luke 18), the Lord Jesus said that we should pray all the time and not get bored.

I said: Isn’t it written that “And when you pray, don’t use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words. ” (Matt 6:7).

He said: Yes, has written, don’t repeat words, but not Don’t only, but false, i.e. words without meaning or without expectation and faith.

Talking itself doesn’t have any power as long as it is devoid of faith based on the Word of God, and expects a response based on God’s richness and generosity, not on my feelings or actions or merely repeating my words.

Perhaps some of lazy people. who oppose the warm prayer may think that they can justify themselves by using the verse of the Lord: ” “Not everyone who says to Me, “Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” (Matt 7:21) Answered that if their claim is real, one prayer is enough for salvation, but God says “pray all the time”, “Pray without interruption”, “Watch and pray”, “Pray so that you don’t enter into an experience”, prayer is the head of all good deeds, neither chastity alone nor our care for the poor, nor our service to others is enough alone, because prayer is the basis of all these.
John Golden Mouth

 So, I go back and repeat my advice to you, in the liturgy, in the church (Mass, or Book of hours”Agpeya”…) beware, my son, that repeating your prayers be meaningless, unintentionally, and you lose its power and all your prayers become Just repeating words that make you nothing but satisfy and numb conscience. And these lead to pasteurization in your feelings.

I said: What’s pasteurization, Father?

He said: There are many who complain about the prayer of a book of hours “Agpeya” and their inability to continue with it, despite its spiritual depth and strength.

I said: I’m from this group, Father, so I start a week or two at most, in the book of hours “Agpeya” and I can’t finish, don’t know why!!

He said: There is a very important point, son. That is, when David the Prophet prayed these psalms didn’t pray it in five minutes or a quarter of an hour like we do, but he prayed for months and years, if happy says psalm about joy, after months or years tired and sad says psalm about grief, but we pray all at once, sadness after joy.. Sadness after joy, so that pasteurized our feelings, as if you put a thing from the heater into the freezer, I mean imagine one laughing loudly and the moment after which he cries loudly and then laughs again, what you say about him!!

I said: Crazy.

He said: Thus, who reads the psalms without understanding and without depth and without the proper choice of his spiritual state, angels say the same.

I said: Crazy!! Ok, how am I supposed to pray?!

He said: Choose the psalm that suits your situation, just say what you feel, i.e. if you want to thank, don’t say “For how long will you forget me, Lord!”, or you are sad, then says “My heart is full of joy!!”, Choose the appropriate psalm, your prayers become deep and meaningful instead of saying words that cause you the boredom and pasteurization for your feelings, and you will not get anything because you don’t mean anything, but you get bored of prayer and it becomes a concern, a burden and imposing for you, not love and a relationship with someone you love.

I said: Thank you, Father, you made me understand an important point that was the cause of my tiredness, and I was spending time praying uselessly, I hope we continue the series that you promised me, which will explain how we benefit from the ritual prayers.

He said: With the grace of our Lord soon. Now we go back to perseverance, son.

I said: We stopped at examples and practical steps to persevere, Father.

He said: I’ll tell you three practical exercises that express perseverance.”


First: five minutes of conflict with God every day

I said: What do five minutes every day means?

He said: Five minutes of conflict.

I said with a smile: How?

He said: Every day. Every day you set five minutes and wrestle with God and persevere until you get the requests, when you have a situation and want God’s opinion, when there is tiredness or pain, when you pray for someone you care about, take this training which is “every day five minutes conflict” and the secret is in the words

Every day

I said: What does that mean?

He said: It means, every day, not today I pray and the next day I don’t, or not when I remember, or according to the circumstances.

I said: Five minutes isn’t much, it’s so simple to achieve!!

He said: It looks not much, but practically, you won’t find that.

I said: Why you scare me, Father?

He said: I tell you the truth, because when you’re fighting, you know that this is normal, there will come days that you will like to pray not only for five minutes, but if you can, you will pray for five hours and you will be very happy, don’t increase, five minutes means five minutes.

I said: Why five minutes and why isn’t more or less?

He said: The point isn’t about five or ten, the important thing is to persevere, if five minutes is too much, make it three, but the important thing is “every day”, don’t increase or less than three or five minutes.

I said: No, it’s simple.

He said: There will come days as we said you will love to pray a lot, even if five hours, refuse, and also will come those days when you will count the seconds, moments and feel that every moment will feel like a year, you will feel like a mountain.

Patience, strengthen, even if you don’t know how to speak say “Lord, forgive me, I don’t know what to say, but consider standing before you prayer”.

I said: You mean, I will not pray other prayers than five minutes?

He said: No of course your prayers are as they are in your order and your system as it is, but I say when there is an emergency, when there is a problem, there is a choice you want to choose (college, immigration, work, engagement …), there is someone who has a problem and prays for him.

I said: Five minutes will last until when?

He said: Set a time for every request, there is a request for a week, request for a month, and there is request extent until God responds, if he responds thank him, didn’t respond then continued and desperate to respond.

If your question is in accordance with God’s will and his patients, then don’t stop asking until you get it.

Basilius the Great

I said: Suppose something that came out not according to his will, such as immigration or anything else?!

He said: As long as you pray, wait for a possible response “yes” or “no” maybe “wait a little” but mostly there has to be a response.

I said: So, I’ll pray, and the Lord says “no”?!!

He said (with a smile): There are two types of requests, absolute requests and comparative requests.

Absolute requests are things that God must respond by “yes”, which is absolute, such as giving you “purity”, “wisdom”, “fullness of the Holy Spirit”, freeing you from a sin of an evil habit….
These are all absolute things that must continue for a lifetime to ask for and be desperate. It is written, “Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.” (1 Joh 5:14).

 Comparative requests such as “migration, choice of a particular life partner, choice of work or college…”. This is a response according to God’s will and make sure that he loves you more than you love yourself, and chooses the best for you. (as mentioned in the power of attorney) but in any case, you must feel after prayer, peace and tranquility and you will rejoice in any choice chosen by God (and these will take in detail when we talk about how we hear the voice of God and distinguish him) and This is the usefulness of prayer, perhaps when you pray, God says “no” to you in a relative matter.

 But the difference between those who pray and those who don’t, is that those who pray will accept the subject in peace, calm and joy as if the subject was done, while those who didn’t pray remain remorseful, sad and dreary.

Leave your fatherless children, I will preserve them alive; And let your widows trust in Me.”(Jer 49 : 11)

There was an old deacon, and his son was a young man in his 30s who’s got cancer, and he prayed to his son every day with tears in the church, but after a while this young man went to heaven, the father accepted the whole matter with thanks and peace, this has baffled many and dared to ask the father, aren’t you sad that God didn’t respond to your many prayers for your son?! He told them I was mad at the separation of my son, but I have the recognition that the Lord chooses the best, and our Lord has given me condolences that my son is in heaven and God himself will take care of his children and his wife.

I said: But isn’t it a little difficult?!

He said: Of course, it is difficult, but God will fill with condolences and peace, for the person who will surrender his life to him, and let us assume that he hasn’t accepted condolences from God and has remained grumpy and self-interested. Is this going to bring his son back? Will the problem be solved? Is he going to be better off?

The Lord wants us to beg Him, He wills to force Him, and He desires to be overcome by our intensity.

Gregory the Great

I said: When there is a problem or there is a request from God, I will set five minutes of conflict every day. But what is conflict and how do I wrestle?

He said: I will explain to you how to wrestle when we talk about conflict with God, but let’s start and agree to fix five minutes when there is a particular need, and this is a very powerful training, many tried it and found a change in their lives and in their relationship with God, please try it and you will see for yourself, and you can even overcome oblivion to set a fixed date, in the morning, in the evening, or in the afternoon, before eating, before bed, set a date that is suitable for you constantly.

I said: So, will I stay long until God responds?

He said: Please don’t mind the time, but the subject of response, day. A year. Years. “he will respond, will respond, and he will be answered”, who comes to God has this principle, “Either an assassin, or a slain,” as we mentioned earlier.

You will respond, God, I know you will respond, I haven’t come to knock and run, I haven’t come to try will you respond?!, some people say “I have asked God but he didn’t respond”, so, means who will respond? The neighbors or the devil or am I going to respond to myself?! “I’ll Sitting down” you will respond, God, you will respond. David the Prophet said, “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” (Psa 84: 10).

 My spiritual father reminded me of these examples when he told me about the five minutes of conflict and taught me about them.

I said: Are you, Father, have a spiritual father too?

He said: Sure, of course, the secret of growth and strength of the Church is in the handing over the doctrine of the fathers, my son, and the follow-up.

I said: What are the practical examples, Father?

He said: He mentioned to me about someone who took this training, it was for his father who was smoking cigarettes for many years and his health was bad, but he couldn’t invalidated, so he set three minutes every morning for his father, didn’t end the month until his father was completely liberated and didn’t return to cigarettes again.

Also, a mother whose son was walking in the path of evil, sin and pornography, also, became an atheist for a period of time, she was crying with tears for him and didn’t stop until he came back and became a monk then a bishop, and from the fourth century we take him as an example of repentance and change, she prayed for him for nine years.

I said: Isn’t it too much, nine years?

He said: Not much if the result is that a mother sees her son as a saint after he was an atheist, it isn’t much that a mother cries bring her son out of eternal fire, mothers get tired for many years with their children, in school and university to become successful in society (this is not wrong but not enough). But no one cares about spiritual life and the true relationship with God.

As the days and years pass, it passes and we are waiting for something better than pass, and we are desperate and our children perish, and get lost, because many mothers didn’t pray for their children or cry for them, so they lost their children, so they become addicted, failed and perished. Is it better for a mother to cry for nine years for her son that repent and back, or her to get bored and despair, putting her concern in herself, which gets her diseases, pressure, diabetes? and her son or daughter gets lost and perished.

I said: I think mothers would say, not only nine years, but even for ninety years, but my son comes back and repents.


I repeat a cry for mothers and fathers to pray for their children and to take care of them and their spiritual lives as they care about their material and study matters, If every mother as she likes that her son eats and grows up, she cares that he eats from the Bible and has a daily prayer to feed in, there will be saints.

But on the contrary. eat and drink, baby, but pray together?! No. Every day we read the Gospel together?! No. We just eat, drink and watch television, raise the body and leave the soul, we have become soulless bodies, and then we shout young people away from our Lord.
 You are the reason for the weakness of the Christian house, this is the reason for atheism, apostasy, pornography and addiction!!

I said: Why do mothers and fathers do such things to us?!

He said: Because, there is no realization of the value of prayer, there is no realization of our value before God, we and our children are sinners, and whoever does sin, son of whom?!

I said: Son of Whom?

He said: The Son of Satan, it is written, “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose, the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil. (1 Joh 3:8).

I said: We all already doing sins!!

He said: A big difference between falling into a sin, saying I made a mistake, Lord, for this matter, then back and trust in forgiveness. And I’m satisfied with sin and live in it, and I don’t want to repent, like a person wearing a suit and going to a wedding, while he is walking in the street, his clothes get dirty with the water of the sewers, he comes back quickly and cleans himself and changes his clothes. Other than someone who lives in the water of the sewers and is happy about this and doesn’t want to change his condition.

I said: I get it, Father.

He said: but the devil is malicious, telling you that you are a “sinner”, meaning “you are the son of Satan, you are my son”, means your prayers are unacceptable and when you are convinced of that, you don’t pray anymore because your prayers are unacceptable and have no use.

I said: A real big trick.

He said: We will discuss it in detail when we take the mystery of the power of prayer, only now made a repentance and trust in full forgiveness and acceptance when you repent, and when he says to you “You are a sinner”, you replied and used the sword (The Word of God) and said to him ,”The blood of Christ cleanse me of all sins”
(1 Joh 1:7).

We go back to five minutes, tried by one of the brothers and was afraid to fall into a subject in college and it was the last year. And another one for a problem in his family, and many more, try and see for yourself.

 Another person who was fighting with an evil habit, took every day five minutes to pray for three months, every day, every day until the Lord freed him.

I said: Are these stories true, Father, and can it happen to me, too?

He said: God is the same, yesterday, today and forever, try, what is important is continuity, and always remember that the power of prayer is not in its quantity but in its continuity, and continuity that expresses faith and trust.

I said: Suppose I start, but forgot to pray some days, what do I do?

He said: Forgetting expresses no need, if you need, you will

not forget, if a student has a high school exam in physics, every time he meets someone will say ”pray for me and don’t forget”, light a candle for me in the church, write my name and put it on the altar, why because he needs and appreciate the value of prayer, but if he has an easy exam and doesn’t added to grades such as “national education”, if he meets someone maybe say “pray for me if you remember”, forgetting expresses no need and not expecting to respond, but if you forget a day, start training from the beginning.

I said: Meaning, every request how many days of prayer, I put in it, for goodness, I will repeat a lot.

He said: Of course, everyone arranges the whole thing with the spiritual father or with God in prayer, and also according to the requests and its time and importance.

For example, if you want Egypt to be changed, it’s different than someone who wants the result of his exam, the first needs a lifetime and continue in heaven, the second needs time until the appearance of the result.

I said: Is it possible that we can continue a prayer in heaven?

He said: Of course, that’s what the saints doing, they praying for us and with us, and if there is someone close to you has moved to heaven recently, and you knew that he had a strong relationship with Christ, ask for his prayers.

In your prayers, say, “Lord, we are set before you, we will ask here and we will continue in heaven.” Also, there we have nothing to do, maybe here we get busy with our work, our studies, and there is laziness and tiredness of our body, but there we are free, and there is nothing but prayer and praising the Lord.

I said: And praying for others, how it effects on them, aren’t they have a will of their own, and a personal freedom?

He said: Yes, everyone has a complete freedom in their choices.

But Satan offers his desires and God offers aid, so man chooses, also as the world and bad friends help Satan in his shows, it is possible that we, the believers, can help Christ with our prayers.

 When we pray for others, the words of the Holy Spirit and the aid increases to this person’s experience and repentance, that’s why The Apostle Paul himself is asking to pray for him says ” Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you” (2 Thes 3:1), and in Isaiah (45: 11) Thus says the LORD, The Holy One of Israel, and his Maker: “Ask Me of things to come concerning My sons; And concerning the work of My hands, you command Me”, the word ” concerning me” in the Hebrew original means “command me”, it means “God,” says, command me for the sake of my children.

Because, not with the diversity of prayers the spirit hardens, but by repeating it and stabilizing it within our hearts, and permeated it within our activity, our thinking and our will, so that they become a part of our life.
Fr. John K

We must continue to ask and not stop until the response is done, God says in the book of Isaiah “I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent” (62: 6).
God himself tells us not to be silent and to constantly call him until he fulfills his wish and will, we are partners with God in action (2 Cor 6:1), God has given us great potential, great honor and strength by which we defeat the enemy’s forces, the power of prayer. With our faith, we recognize this power and use it to rejoice in the salvation of souls and to rejoice the heart of Jesus with the salvation of his children.

I heard that in Korea a mountain they call the mountain of prayer, prayers are not interrupted 24 hours, groups deliver to other groups, continuous prayers for the salvation of the world, and Korea entered faith in Christ a few years ago compared to our Church, I hope in our monasteries it is also continuous prayers day and night, hour by hour, specific and clear requests for counters, states, everyone asks, shouts, perseveres, and doesn’t silently as the Book tells us, until his will be fulfilled in all the inhabited, and preach the Gospel to the whole creation, so all human beings knows of God’s salvation, and young people become free from the power of evil, sin, pornography and atheism, children rejoice in their heavenly father, and the elders trust in their happy eternity.

We also refer to examples in the Bible, such as the Canaanite woman who kept asking and screaming if she didn’t persevere in shouting and held the words of God that test her faith, she would take nothing.

I said: Really great, is the faith of this woman; we ask once and twice then forgets, without any test of faith.

He said: This is our problem these days, everything is quick, everything is superficial, and in the end, we took nothing, if a young man said “What do you say, Lord, you will free me from this evil habit or from this addiction, or I won’t let you, I’ll scream for you until I die”, and keep praying every day, not necessarily for long hours, maybe a minute or two.

I said: A minute or two, and God set me free!!

He said: Yes, my son, a minute or two, but every day, every day, I say, “I won’t stop either freeing me or I die, I’ll be after you, Jesus, you said ask and I’m asking, you said that the son will free you with the truth, you will be free, free me as you said, I won’t let you go, Lord, every day I will tell you, and keep asking and asking, Lord, until you free me.” Every day you say these words with the simplicity of children, and expect a real response based on the Word of God.

God, “Said” so “he will do”, and we must be free from any evil habit or domination.

On the same scale someone asks for the repentance of his son, or for the marriage of his daughter, or for the healing of a father, or the success of a friend, everyone has someone who in need, start and set a minute for him every day, and persevere the request every day



The Secret of Power


all inside these words


Every Day

I said: But these things need someone like you, Father, to have this strong motivation.

He said: The strong motivation comes from the real need. So, whoever in need not only will ask, but he will persevere in the requests and cry and be ready to do anything to respond, like the days of exams you find the churches full of people. When you have a need, ask, don’t be late, don’t doubt God’s response to you.

I said: A voice come and say, “You pray for your own good, and this is a prayer of interest, not a prayer from your heart, and God will reveal that, he won’t be fooled!” So, when you like to pray, pray seriously not just for interest.

He said: These are diabolical ideas. When someone needs something, will ask whom, the neighbors?! the devil?
He asks his father. When the prodigal son needed to return to his father ”the way he was”, not after he cleaned himself, he comes back! that’s because he was in need, he was hungry, his father didn’t blame him, but he rewarded him, many of the disciples of Christ began with an interesting relationship, healing, fishing, then They followed Jesus, and God says
”Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” (Psa 50: 15). Satan doesn’t want you to go to God in a time of distress, because when he responds to you, you will begin a real relationship with God based on something real, you touched, no one told you about him (1 Joh1:1) your faith becomes very strong, only all you have to do is, go to God with your condition as it is and when he responds, thank him, keep standing next to him and keep asking him, he’s happy to give you (Joh 16:24).
The Bible says “Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; And you who have no money, Come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk Without money and without price.” (Isa 55:1).

I said: Oh, I was deceived by these ideas! You mentioned, Father, that you’re going to tell me three practical things to persevere, the first was a five-minute struggle.

What’s the second practical thing?

He said: The second practical thing that helps you persevere is that

Ask for something nice every day like a child

Then a “Feedback” as a cumulative review

I said: Step by step, Father?

He said: Live with God like a small child and every morning ask God at the end of your prayers and say I want my sweets of today Father. maybe the flesh father on the earth is busy, doesn’t exist, difficult to deal with, stingy.

I said: This could be harder than that, Father! It is possible that the word “papa” makes me hate, asking, I said with a smile, I’ll be afraid to ask or fear God himself.

He said: Really, son. There are bad fathers (and this we will talk about when we talk about the mistakes of upbringing and how to be free of them), So, God said about himself that he wasn’t only a father, but a mother too.

I said) joyfully (: where, Father?

“For what great nation is there that has God so near to it, as the LORD our God is to us, for whatever reason we may call upon Him?

(Deu 4:7)

He said: In the book of Isaiah, it is written that ” As one whom his mother comforts, So I will comfort you) God says).” (Isa 66: 13). As a young child, that his mother comfort him to sleep and say (Hooo), God says, “I work with you like this, as a good, loving mother.” Not only like that, but maybe the father and mother are difficult or not exist, so, The Bible says, ” When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the LORD will take care of me. (Psa 27:10). The Lord takes care and embraces us, ” I will extol You, O LORD, for You have lifted me up, and have not let my foes rejoice over me.
(Psa 30:1). Also, God says I’m a friend. The Lord Jesus says to the disciples, “My friends”, “a friend who closer to a brother”, but “groom and lover” are many traits other than father and mother. So, decide what you like to call him!!

I said: Can I say in prayer to The Lord Jesus, my dear friend?

He said: You can say, my friend. You can say, my beloved. You can say, the groom of my soul, you can say, Mather, Father, as you like.
He is the lover and the relative who loves you more than you love yourself and who is close to you closer than yourself, and he the only one who loved you till death, and he really died to bring you. If we realize that this is what makes us pray every day like children and ask for sweet things from Jesus every day.

I said: Beautiful words, my father makes me happy and proud that I has a God that is so close to me, senses me and lives with him as a small child to rejoice in him and ask from him. (I said while afraid) and dandled on him too!! Is that wrong to say.

He said: This is the relationship with God, my son, the relationship of a small child with his mother with his father (who is more tender) but with God, who is all tender, and he said that if you don’t come back and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of God, and also those who don’t accept the kingdom of God as a child will not enter it, means you won’t realize God in his love, tenderness and enjoy him, If you don’t become like children with him, and it also says ” Then you shall feed; On her sides shall you be carried, and be dandled on her knees.” (Isa 66:12) God’s love and tenderness to us doesn’t end, so dandled with him like a little child and ask him every day a nice thing, to make you happy. He wants that, so he says “why you don’t ask! Ask me to take and be happy” (Joh 16: 24)

And this is the glory of Our lord. He gives us not taken from us, he is not in need, i.e. in order to glorify our Lord, you ask him as a rich and loving father.

I said: I was a complete mistake in understanding that God creating us to his glory, meaning that we are here only to glorify and worship him.

He said: A rich man took his son and entered a pastry shop, the man said to his son what you like to buy my dear, cake or a tart or oriental sweets or all of that?, whatever you want we have a lot of money, ask all what you wish for. The father’s joy in the joy of his son, he will not impose his need on him, and every time he asks more and rejoices more, the father rejoices for his joy and he will soon glorify his father in front of the people, and live as a rich, happy son, they won’t say the father is not interested in his son and leave him hungry and naked. So, God says why you don’t ask!! Just believe that you will take as a child, trust me, I’m your father who can really do everything. And not only the material requests, but peace, joy, safety, love, value, satiety, satisfaction, and freedom, which neither the world nor its desires nor its impurity, nor science, philosophy, fame or billions, can give you, only with Jesus you take, and when you take you feel joy, we thank him and preach, which is a feedback or cumulative experiences.

I said: What are the cumulative experiences or this feedback, Father?”

He said: When you ask return to God again, don’t ask and forget. God responded, thank him, don’t do like cats.

I said: Eat, and forget, or eat and deny.

He said: The Lord Jesus loves to go back to him and thank him (Luk 17:16).

I said: Why, is he in need of thanking?

He said: No, of course, he needs nothing form us, but: first thanking is expressed that we are children, not beggars, that take the need and run with it.
Second: thanking makes your faith increase, so you are encouraged and ask for more, and this point is a horror for the devil.

I said: How, Father?

He said: When you back and thank you, you will feel that you have value and that God hears your prayers, so you will be encouraged and ask for more, i.e., “you will keep it”, and says, as soon as our Lord responded to me in this matter, he will respond to me again, and as soon as he responded to me yesterday, he will respond today. And this is a very important thing that makes your faith increase and grow, but because Satan is afraid and terrified that you trust God, and that you have value in front of him and that your prayers are heard, telling you in his satanic words “You believed that the Lord responded to you, it’s a chance, you will act like a saint, he responds to all people and you feel that you are doing miracles, maybe someone else prays”

 And desperate with all his potential, to make you doubts the response and it’s a coincidence. Or make you happy with the thing that you asked for and forget to thank him, and do like the cats, and every time you come asking you start from the beginning, there is no basis of faith on which to build your requests.

I said: A really diabolical trick, Father, from now on, I will thank him, but how I thank him, can I say thank God and that’s it?

He said: According to the request, the person doesn’t keep asking for a year and then thank him in a cold word “Thanks”, I guess the angels will say “oh bad” after all that, you just say thanks! For example, we prayed for our country so that God protects us from wars and divisions, so when we love to thank we need years to thank him and remember the details, that if it wasn’t for god’s mercy and intervention, we would have been lost and our country would have been lost. And like someone who is asking for his marriage for years, every anniversary of marriage thanks and remembering the details of God’s arrangement for his choice (with a smile if comfortable in his marriage), and thank God by singing the hymns of thanks and repeating them many times “Thank you, our Savior”, ” Thank you all the time..”, And thank him by helping someone who in needs, or visiting a patient who doesn’t have anyone, like The Lord Jesus when he said “what you did to these people, you have done to me. But you must trust and believe that this is the result of your prayers and that you have such importance, and that help you to:

“Keep it”

Your faith increases, you ask for more, so you take and joy, you thank him, and your faith increases, so you are encouraged, and ask for more, so your faith grows and your relationship with God grows.

I said: Suppose, I asked God, and he didn’t respond, what can I do?

He said: reproached. Go back to God and reproach him and say “Why didn’t you respond, I’m your son too, you hear me! Or not?! Please, please listen to me, or you listen only to the saints, you listen to some people and some people not?!”

I said: I say that, Father, he won’t get mad at me?

He said: He won’t be mad, but he will reply you, and as we have said in the past, reproach God like a son to his father, not grumbling like a slave to his master, aren’t you praying psalms?

I said: Yes, I pray the psalms?

He said: You say every day in psalms and you aren’t afraid, because we are not praying, we just repeat talking to him, see Psalm 28, Psalm 12 and Psalm 73, what do they

say? God loves reproach (Isis 1:18). There are special days when he doesn’t respond quickly to reproach him.

I said: Reasonable.

He said: God wants to make us not afraid of him, and that is the difference between reproach and grumbling.

I said: What’s the difference?

He said:




wants to keep his relationship with you

One has bitterness and there is nothing left

Waiting for a response

saying words, but don’t expect a response

It’s between me and him

In front of all people (to be defamed)

Reproached my son this is the proof of your love, and that make the relationship grow and last, not an interest relationship as the guys say.

I said: Oh, can I be like that?

He said: All those who ask and don’t thank or reproach, are saying that indeed, and don’t know. So, Satan makes us afraid of God, so we don’t reproach him, because he knows that if we reproach God, he will respond and explain his point of view and give us peace and joy.

I said: Oh, I was afraid of reproaches, and the devil says shame on you, to complain about the Lord, but inside me, grumbling and upset, and afraid to say this to the Lord as if he doesn’t know what’s inside me.” Oh father, years have been lost in ignorance in the lack of knowledge, no one has said that to us”, they feared us from God. Thank him even if you’re tired. Ok, let me 1st say what’s inside me! saying I’m tired! I’m hurt! No. What a shame. So the person becomes tired from inside, hypocrite from the outside, and prayer became a concern and schizophrenia, because it is a shame to talk to my father honestly, enough of what has been lost, Father, lost years and there is no faith, every time I ask I’ll start from the beginning, I will start asking God, my beloved, ,my friend, my father, mother and groom, if he responds I’ll thank him and keep it, and if he doesn’t respond I’ll reproach him until he convinces me and comforts me or responds and makes me happy.

He said: Start, my son, and the Lord will complete with you and makes you grow. We talked about three things that express perseverance:

 *Five minutes every day and the password are “every day”.

* Every day you ask for something nice like children and make a feedback, thank or reproach.

 And the third thing is.

Annual Requests

One of the fathers told me this story, that at the beginning of his youth he didn’t understand the meaning of God’s love, but he says “A word of love that meant nothing to me, because my nature was dry and rough, not only with God, but with my family and friends, the word love didn’t mean anything or any passion, but I heard from one of the fathers about something its name is “Annual Requests“, and it has affected me very much.

I said: What are the annual requests, Father?

He said: The annual requests are taking spiritual requests and ask for it all year round every day, and it will be good if you set a place and a time, when you out of the house until school, college or work, you keep asking for it every day throughout the year, and wait for God’s response.

The first request this father made and recommended by all fathers is love, it says:

“O Lord, let me love you, God I want to feel you, I want to love you as you love me, I want to know what love means, and you said love your God with all your heart, your soul and your ability, teach me how to love you, give me to accept your love, you loved me a great love above the mind above imagination until you died for me, let me love you till death.”

Such prayers are made every day, when you are out of the house and remember that the secret of power is in the words…

I said: Every day!

He said: Start with love, son, start from now on, don’t wait for the beginning of the year or birthday, start now and take the rest of this year and the next year also for love.

 Spiritual life makes no sense without love, Spiritual life will remain just terms that you think are an illusion and a fantasy for saints only, Please, if you’re serious start, take advantage of the time you’re killed, you are walking in the street anyway, and the time passes so take advantage of it, in requests that will change your life.

I said: I’m going to start, Father, I’m going to start, but can I take two three requests?!

He said: Step by step, son, so that you don’t forget. In your prayers in the morning or at night, ask for two, three, twenty, as you wish, but now focus on a prayer and set a place and a time, because man naturally forgets, so set place, time and wait, trust that God will give you gradually, and you will feel a gradual change and growth in your life.

I said: But perseverance in requests isn’t easy, maybe you get bored on the way and forget.

He said: Yes, my son, the road at the beginning isn’t easy, so as we explained in the stages of prayer, the first stage is to be forced.

And forcing doesn’t come from the side of the soul, but from the side of the body.

As we mentioned earlier in the stages of prayer.

I said: How, Father?

He said: From the spiritual side there is awareness, I’m aware of the importance of prayer, and aware of the importance of the relationship with Christ, this comes from the realization of the Word of God, but for the body, it needs to be practiced and trained so this is forcing, as we mentioned in the example of the wheel before. Do you know how to ride a wheel?

I said: yes.

He said: Did you put your legs on the pedals, along you learned to play and run with the wheel?

I said: Of course not, I fall many times, and I was hurt and my big brother helped me until I learned.

He said: If you said from the first fall, I won’t learn riding wheels, then leave it, would you have learned it?!

I said: of course not.

He said: Also, the perseverance in a request, we must realize the importance of perseverance, and that we have explained in detail, and then the physical aspect, needs time to force ourselves in the beginning so that becomes the normal thing in our life.

We will talk in detail about the obstacles of the response to prayer, as well as the reasons for the lack of prayer.

I said: The subject of prayer seems to be deep and long. Father, I want to sum up the perseverance in prayer so that I don’t get lost.

He said:

 Three practical things that express perseverance:

*Five minutes of struggle (set every day 5 minutes to a specific request until you get a response).

*Every day waits for something nice from God and do a review of your requests (respond?! thank God and go on with that, he didn’t respond?! admonish him and fought)

* Annual requests (each year selects one request and set a place and a time to ask for it every day throughout the year).

I’ll leave you now to apply what we said, so that it doesn’t become just talk and stories amusing, start trying and when you find a result continued, because the relationship with Christ isn’t a moment or a situation, but a pleasant and exciting life, every day is new, with whom in his hand to move the whole world, and you with your prayers move this hand. With the grace of Christ, we continue next time about the mystery of the power of prayer.

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