How to pray- The prayer response secret (2) (14)

How to pray- The prayer response secret (2) (14)



Why are some people’s prayers answered, while others don’t!! as if they don’t pray, or pray to another God who doesn’t respond?!

There is a secret in prayer’s responding:

1st: Expectation.

2nd: Patience.

Patience is important not only in the spiritual life, but in our study, practical and social matters too.

So, if you want a productive prayer! learn how to be patient, and be sure that you will eventually get what you want so be happy.

And frankly, without prayer’s responding, spiritual life becomes a useless concern and fatigue, so The Lord Jesus challenges us at (Joh 16:24) and says “ask to take and rejoice”.

The Lord Jesus gives us lasting joy and teaches us the secrets of his love, with the intercession of our Virgin Mother and the prayers of our Blessed Father, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, and to our God, glory forever.

I arrived at the place where I usually meet with my spiritual father many months ago. He was late, so I feel bored and started thinking about leaving without meeting him, and I said that my father must have forgotten me today, because of his many concerns that he has, and a lot of people that he take care about, I think to myself and felt sadness and pain.

It wasn’t long before my father came with a beautiful rosary in his hand, and he said, “Forgive me, my son, for being late, I was preparing this rosary for you, to help with patience in the “Jesus or equity prayers”1. I said forgive me, Father, that I thought you had forgotten me because of your busy, and I was going to leave.

He said: We often also think that God forgets us, but he will give us something better, so the second secret to the response to prayer is:


I said: It’s hard to be patient!”

He said:

Patience is the indicator of a real expectation.

Examples: – Lord Jesus Christ, thine is the thanks, praise and honor.

But the man who asks and says I have faith, I have an expectation of a response, but he isn’t patient! He doesn’t have a real expectation, it just talks. If he had, he would have desperate in his request, and had been patient until he took it.

I said: Why to be patient?

He said: We are patient for three things:

First: The Bible asks us for patience.

 The Bible says:
 ” By your patience possess your souls.”(Luk 21:19).
“But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” (Matt 24:13). ” keep it and bear fruit with patience” (Luk 8:15).
” And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.”(Heb 6:15). ” For you have need of endurance.” (Heb 10:36). ” Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.”(Rev 2:10).

Also, all men of faith are being patient, our father Ibrahim has been patience 25 years until he promised by Isaac birth. Joseph has been patient 13 years (including one year in prison) then became the second man in Egypt. Ayoub for 7 years until his experiment was over.

Moses remained in Sinai for 40 years until his experiment ended. John the Baptist remained in the wilderness for 30 years until he appeared to the people of Jerusalem.

I said: How did they manage these long periods?

He said: Three things we learn from the Bible help us to be patient.

First: promises.

No one can wait for someone unless he was taking an appointment, so when you go to meet someone, you must have promised to meet him, and that’s what makes you wait for him even if he’s late.

No one can tolerate hardship sins and be patient with them without grumbling, unless they have honesty in God’s appointments, which he considers to be more precious than his body and more important than his health and comfort.

Mar Isaac Syriac

Mina went to the church club and sat for a long time, and time passed while people started going home and Mina was sitting alone since his presence. The club official went to him to say that it was late and they want to close the club, but he said I’m waiting. The man said waiting!! for whom? Mina said nervously:

Am I supposed to wait for someone?! The man said with wonder: sure!! He said with a little nervous waiting for the Priest. The man said, “Did you take an appointment with him?”

Before they finished the conversation, Mina’s father came looking for him and apologized to the club official, that Mina was suffering from psychological fatigue due to the exams.

And that’s where father head to me and say;

So, we, my son, if we do not have a promise from God, our wait will be meaningless, just psychological feelings. We think that we wait for God, but we really don’t, and in the nearest experience we will collapse.

I said: What is the meaning of a promise from God, will God appear to me and give me a promise or send me an angel with a promise?!

He said: The promise we take from the Bible is written, “For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” (Act 2:39).

I said: You mean that the promises in the Bible aren’t only for fathers and saints?!

He said: There are promises of events for certain people, such as the birth of Isaac and the exodus of Israelis. While there are promises to all when God says “Don’t be afraid because I’m with you”, he didn’t say that only to Isaiah, Or When he tells the disciples ” And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”, didn’t say it just for the disciples. Keep on promises so you can wait, and so waiting for you makes sense.

I said: What’s the second thing we learn from the Bible and help us to be patient, Father?

He said: The second thing is


It’s written that “Hope doesn’t disappoint” (Rom 5:5). And honestly

The secret word

To continue in the spiritual life as general is


Therefore, Satan works with all his power to kidnap your hope, to enter you into despair and frustration in every way, sometimes by reminding you of your sins “you are a sinner”, “you are impure”, or to make you forget God’s promises to you, the promises of acceptance, the promises of forgiveness, the promises of his attention and his cover.

Please, son, hold on “hope” to the death, so that you may have hope without limits to the end, this is what helps you to be patient and wait.

Joseph in prison waiting with hope for 11 years. Imagine if he lost his hope, after 5 years, what would be his fate?!

I said: He would have lost everything.

He said: If he had lost his hope, after 10 years, or even the day before they took him out of prison just by 24 hours?

I said: All the tiredness of the years of patience would have been lost.

He said: So, hold onto hope till death. This is the secret of the prayer response. The Canaanite woman didn’t give up, but held onto hope until the end, and she got her daughter’s recovery. The one who prays to receive a response must have this principle “will be a killer or a murdered.” The Apostle Peter said to The Lord Jesus “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” He meant; we’re sitting and waiting.

Back In the days of War World 2, a warplane downed over the North Sea, but when the pilot felt an engine malfunction, he threw himself out with a parachute before exploding, but he fell in the middle of the sea and it was winter.

And when the military command learned of the crash, it sent teams search for the pilot and they found him after 11 hours, struggling with the waves amid the ice, they rescued him quickly and after he recovered, in the hospital, they had a conversation with him and they told him “how strong you are” 11 hours amid the ice what’s your secret or motivation?

He said “Because I was sure you were looking for me!”. If you suffer from an evil habit that dominates you, from a certain weakness and sin that tire you, be patient, and you must be free, be patient like saints and you will be like saints, and the Lord will make up for your years of tiredness twice (i.e. four times) (Isa 61:7).

And the joy of one day after you get freedom is equal to all the years of tiredness and fought, don’t give up, don’t leave yourself to despair and fall in the hands of Satan, hold onto hope then you will be in the hands of Jesus, and he will accept you no matter what your sins and impure.

He didn’t prevent the Sinner woman to touch his feet or the bleeding woman (impure according to the law of the Jews) to touch his clothes but he accepted and forgiven them without Blamed, without knowing the details or reminding them of their painful past.

Enough hurting from the past, hurting people, and the humiliation of sin, he is freeing, healing the wounds and if you fall, he says, “Fight hard, the friend falls seven times and wakes up.”

I said: Your words are condolence, Father, and gives hope. I imagine as if spiritual life is a road that I want to run in it now, but I fear that my faith will be weakened, Father, while I’m waiting for a response, And God gets bored of me?

He said: This is the third point that helps your faith grow and helps you wait and is

The Lord Jesus’ dealings with the disciples.

I said: What does that mean, Father?

He said: The Lord Jesus was patient with the disciples despite their constant weakness, Peter denied, and Thomas doubted, and everyone escaped and doubt about the Resurrection, and while they were with Christ they were fighting for positions, and two of them asked that a fire come down and burn people, one of whom became the messenger of love.


Jesus is kind and affectionate, who was able to patience with them and teach them and change them, he can be patient with you and he will teach you and change your nature, too.

I said: Really wonderful examples, Father, it gives me hope and joy, not just patience, but desperate for patience.

He said: Look to the Lord for his tenderness, his love, his fatherhood, so you take a power to be patient before the world and its troubles, don’t look at your weaknesses alone, the Lord said my strength to the weak, and he chose them to do wonders and miracles and change the whole world with (1cor 1:27) and he still the same yesterday and today, still patient and changing people.

Be patient until he completes his work with you and transforms your nature and makes you his image and likeness, while he uses you as he used them and works for you wonders as he did for them, if you are patient you will gain, but if you don’t you will lose.

I said: You reminded me, Father, that we are patient for three things, the first of which was the Bible asking us for patience.

 What’s the second thing?


He said: The second thing that makes us so patient is that

Nature itself teaches us patience

When we grow watercress, we eat it after 3 weeks, while the tomatoes are 3 months later and the apples are 3 years later. So, what kind of fruit you like to be with God? you like to be watercress or apples?!

I said: I like to be apples.

He said: Then, be patient and wait until there is fruit in your life. Also, so that this fruit lasts and continues, the watercress grows in three weeks and ends, while apples bear fruit this year and continue to grow for many years. The Lord Jesus says I sent you to come with a fruit that your fruit should remain (Joh 15:16).

 Also, in the study in order to get 2 years of literacy, and average education is 12 years of study, higher education 16 years, a master’s and a PhD 25 years or more. But the harder and patient a person is, the more impact and longer it lasts.

In the California desert of America, a three oil companies began to dig for oil in three areas of the desert, they spent a long time searching, but They found nothing, after three months the first company withdrew, two months later
The second company withdrew, the third company remained six months, but didn’t find anything, also the four partners of the last company differed and three of them withdrew and only one remained with his equipment alone, after a while his employees began to get bored and complain, he told them “wait only one week”, and a week later he said “wait for three days”, and after three days they said “the big companies pulled out, we are sorry we will go, he said “we will only dig 50 meters and go, they said “okay, 50 meters, just for your sake” and they dug and at the forty-fifth meter they stopped the work, so he went by himself upon the excavator and started digging and in the meter 48 he discovered The largest oil well in America, and has become one of the richest.

I said: Patience is clearly necessary, but be patient for how long? When will the oil come out?!

He said: Patience is very necessary to get fruit, and every fruit has time. For example, when you ask to find a lost pen, is different than asking that God be with you on the exam. Or a mother when she asks for her son or daughter back to Christ and repent, or when you ask that all of Egypt is changing and coming to Christ, it must take time.

Frankly, time will pass, so, pass while we are waiting for a response, better than waiting without hope.

 In America, they made a test for children who have ten years, that they distributed to them in the class, each one chocolate, and told them, whoever wants to eat, so eat, but whoever is patiently for a 15 minutes, he will take one more, and the one who is patiently for a 20 minutes, he will take two more. Most of the class ate quickly and a few waited for 15 minutes, and fewer waited for 20 minutes.

The institution that did the research followed the children after their studies, and found that those who were patient are those who worked in leadership positions, including scientists and leaders, while others had their lives normal without distinction.

I said: What’s the third thing that makes us patient?

He said: First thing, the Bible asks us to be patient.
The second thing nature itself has taught us patience.


The third thing is the patience of the saints

For example, Saint Monica kept asking with tears from God to look after her son, and God responded to her nine years later.

I said: Isn’t that too much?

He said: Much!!

 But nine years is not much for St. Augustine to become a symbol of repentance and an example of change for all generations, while many mothers didn’t pray for their children, or they pray for a day or a year and then despaired and lost sons in addiction, in atheism, in recklessness, and lost girls in apostasy. And mothers of these children had no mention but that they had failed to raise their children.

I said: Really not much, not much at all.

He said: Now I’ll whisper in parents’ ear.


“Don’t be bored, of praying for your children, and don’t shut up until God responds to you and save your children even after many years, instead of being caught by Satan and destroyed by sin and remain in eternal shame, because you could have done something and not done it, cry and grieve for your children, don’t stop. Until you die or see the salvation of your children, trust that your tears are precious before God. Just be patient and he will come and save them and save you too.”

Also, we have St. Moses the Black.

I said: And how he was patient or who was patient to ask for him?

He said: Although he was pagan, brutal, barbaric, he did much evil and odd things.

 But he continued to seek God and didn’t stop until God responded, and his strength and intensity didn’t distract him from being satisfied with it, but he heard the inner voice, and he continued to seek God, and God revealed himself to him.

If you don’t have the virtue of perseverance, don’t wait for real consolation in your prayers, because perseverance is equal to the work.
Mar Isaac Syriac

 A whisper in the ear of any person who goes through a period of confusion, not to be silent or bored until he hears a voice inside him to reassure him. Anyone who goes through periods of doubt about the existence of God or doubt in his love or will, may he continue to ask and never be silent until he rests, and as long as you are faithful in your request and your search, God must respond to you, this is his responsibility, only you have not to shut up, hear the inner voice when he comes to you, search and search, ask God himself and he will announce himself That’s his responsibility.

I said: Why do you call the war of atheism is a war of confusion, Father?

He said: As we will mention in detail when we talk about the real causes of atheism, it is a natural war we fight with, it doesn’t mean that man has questions that he has become an atheist, or that when he has doubts, then God has rejected him, so The Lord Jesus appeared specifically for the doubt of Thomas and he didn’t leave him in doubt and didn’t abandon him in his weakness until he become a great saint.
But when we say that this man an atheist, we close the door of hope in front of him and he has just ideas of confusion that fit him, like someone walking in the street and people running after him and saying to him, “Crazy, crazy” and he says to them, “Shut up, boys and girl, ” but they keep running after him, until he seriously become crazy, when someone fights with ideas of confusion, but he likes to come back, the ideas of pride tell him it’s a shame that all the people know that you are an atheist, how you will look like in front of them?? But when we say these are ideas of confusion, but they are a period of time and will ends, and during this period the person needs to be accepted and loved more than controversy and philosophy.

I said: Really, Father, acceptance and love change a lot. I hope all fathers and servants deal like that with us, as we are young men, Father, because love, acceptance, encouragement and talk of forgiveness constantly break our stubborn and crazy nature. But, Father, you talked to me about atheism a long time ago, before it was known, what do you think of the war that comes to the youth, Father, in the coming period?

He said: Remember, my son, there will be a war of homosexuality.

I said: Oh!

He said: What the West is fighting with is passed on to us some time later (and we note that now in the media and even clothes). Atheism is to deny God, but this war makes us hate God.

I said: How?

He said: They give the youth the illusion that this is their nature and that God created them like this and then say to them that it is forbidden, and they will going to put in hell, so they say what is this hard and cruel God who creates something in us, and deprives us of it then delivers us to hell for it!! So, they hate God.

I said: It’s a really demonic war.

He said: By the grace of Christ, we will talk about its causes and how to overcome it, by the grace of God. And also, we should know that not because I have been fighting with these evil thoughts (homosexuality) that I became like that!! so we must distinguish between war by sin, and contentment it (as we mentioned about atheism), and the servants must be aware of what will come, and they get one step ahead of the young people, prevention is better than the cure, and true prevention is in the relationship of true love with The Lord Jesus and the constant emphasis on forgiveness, hope and acceptance, whatever the fall is, waiting for freedom and compensation for the years of fatigue.

We return again to Saint Moses the Black after he repented, the past didn’t leave him easily, evil thoughts and ugly scenes remained haunted him for a long time didn’t calm down quickly, but he didn’t give up, he was striving, asking and screaming more than 12 years, but then he rested and became a great saint an example of repentance for all times, and every weakness became a point of strength, and God used him to testify.

You too, my dear, that when your spiritual life begins, you will fight by the past and try to bring you back, but strive, continue, scream and ask for help. And if you fell, rise and do not despair.

Even if a million times

And make sure that this day will come, when the Lord will relieve you of all your troubles. (Isa 14:3), and every point of weakness will turn into a strength (Isa 61:7), The shadow of death, morning (Am 5:8) and the Lord will use you to be a testimony to his name, and for all your tiredness, you will be compensated twice, and you will be one of those who work With God in the salvation of souls and condolences of the tired (Heb 2:18). And this point will be a great cause of joy for your soul, comfort for your spirit, and Compensation for years of fatigue and hard work (Joel 2:25). When you encourage those, who go through your same circumstances, and sense, comforting those who strive for your same struggle, you will rejoice with joy that can’t be uttered. (1pet 1:9).

I said: Your words are comforting, Father, and help with patience, whatever the cost or time.

He said: This is the words of the Bible, my son, and God’s promises to us.

It is important, son, to be patient in praying for others.
There was a young man who was reckless and learned to steal and cheat from a young age, but repented, and became famous for the love of prayer and believers in its effectiveness, and founded many orphanages in England and took four of his old friends, to pray for them. One person changed and repented after a year, the other after 4 years and the third after 25 years, and the fourth after about 40 years, he didn’t calm down and didn’t tire, but he continued to pray for them forty years.

I said: Forty years!

He said: To save a soul from death, it worth forty years or not?

I said: You deserve, really, we don’t realize the importance of the salvation of our souls or the salvation of the souls of others as it should!!

He said: This we will discuss in the motives of work or service (when we talk about the union).

(I will tell you an important training, but don’t start it now, but after we take the indicators of the true Christian).

I said: What is it, Father?

He said: A training name is “The Prayer of The Evangelization”. My request to you and to every Christian to take three or four who don’t know Christ and continue to pray for them. And just remind them every morning while he washes his face. If we were serious about this work, I say to you, my son, Egypt would have changed in a few years, only every Christian person would focus on three of his friends and ask every day that God looking after them and that God shines with his light in their hearts, and this is a request according to the heart and the pleasure of God.

(Because he wants everyone to be saved) just every day when you wash your face, remember three unbelievers, even if you didn’t see them in this life, you will meet them in the happy eternity and there will be joy.

I said: How fall short we are, but will my prayers, I’m the weak, will affect and rid the souls?!

He said: This is what we say that the subject doesn’t depend on you, not on your feelings or your faith or your actions.

Only God said.

Then he will do.

I said: What did he say at this point?

He said: In the Book of Isaiah (45:11) “Thus says the LORD, The Holy One of Israel, and his Maker: “Ask Me of things to come concerning My sons; And concerning the work of My hands, you command Me.” He said a lot about the power of prayer as we mentioned.

I said: Will a small prayer like this have a great impact and change in people’s lives?

He said: As we mentioned, the subject doesn’t depend on too much talk, but as St. Isaac the Syrian says:

“The power of prayer is not in its quantity, but in its continuity.”

I said: Why don’t I start the evangelization prayer from now on, Father?

He said: It will be effective when we take the indicators of the true Christian.

I said: (Spontaneously) You mean when I know I’m A Christian!! Every day with you, Father, I know what’s new, as if I wasn’t really Christian. Please don’t be late, Father, to tell me about these indicators until I’m sure. I think there will be a shock to me in these indicators.

He said (without commenting as if he agreed with my words): We will take it with the grace of Christ.

But now I’m going to say a term that you can start with now, which is:

Blessing prayer

I said: What is this prayer of blessing?

He said: In the book of number 6:27, God says:

“So, they shall put My name on the children of Israel, and I will bless them.”


Lord bless “So and so…”

God will bless him

 Say this word with the expectation of a response, and the Lord will respond according to your words. Bless everyone you meet. Bless as you walk down the street, bless your brothers and family (Not by voice but in the heart). And as the Bible says “Bless and don’t curse” (Rom 12:14)

When someone asks to pray for him, say “Lord blesses you” and “Lord is with you” and make sure that God will respond and bless him and be with him. We don’t want to say words without waiting for a response , “As we pray the routine of blessing in eating as blessed in the five breads”, but real words for a real God who loves and waits to respond, only we say with anticipation of the response, the purpose for which you pray will receive it. Those who pray for the people will be rewarded for the praise of the people, and those who pray for complement the ritual, will get their reward and silence their conscience, and those who wait for a response must be answered by God.

I said: This prayer is truly strange and very powerful, but we were raised on the routine, and we didn’t realize its power.

He said: Who realizes that, doesn’t waste time, because at all the free time, he says instead of wasting time:

“I Pray a little”

And every time you’re alone in the transportation waiting for the metro

“Say I’ll pray a little and move the hand of God.”

I said: No one has taught me that before and I wasted so much time on trivial things, or in nothing, just waiting for transportation or on the way.

He said: If we know the power of prayer, how it’s easy, and the delight of God! fathers and mothers wouldn’t stop praying for their children- at transportation, at work, at leisure, during waiting- so that God would save them from the evils of the world, the wars of Satan, pornography and atheism, and that the Lord gives them wisdom in studying.

Children also pray for their fathers and mothers to be brought to peace and joy from God. Shepherds and servants pray for the parish and service. If we knew the power of prayer, every house would have a family altar instead of the tiredness of families and the suffering of the children.
A cry from the heart to every Christian house for the return of the family altar.

I said: What’s the family altar, Father?

He said: It is a family meeting together to pray, even if for five minutes each day. But we’re ashamed. but we are ashamed because we don’t know the value of prayer, that the family altar was gone from the houses of Christians and became a shame that we pray together, and we will take a long topic about the family altar soon it is the first wall of repel against the wars of Satan.

I said: And does the small prayer in transportation, have substantial or effective at all, as I have learned that the answered prayer is the prayers of the saints, the prayers of tears, candles and vigil?!

He said: God is very kind and affectionate and will not ask you more than your power, because what the young man does can’t be done by the little child, So, what can be done by St. Anthony is not requested by God to someone in the world who has his circumstances and his works.

Once, a thought came to St. Anthony in the wilderness, and told him “who would be like me in heaven?”.

I said: Even the saints are being fought with these Thoughts?!

He said: Everyone is being fought. But St. Anthony didn’t accept the thought, but revealed it to God and said to him, “Indeed, Lord, who’s like me in heaven??”, God said to him there is a doctor like him in heaven.

I said: A doctor like St. Anthony in heaven!! All that has come to me is that the heavens are degrees, and martyrs, then the confessors, then the monks and the virgins, or some things like that.

He said: This story is in “The Orchard of the Monks” page 23. As for the order of the ranks only to arrange and organize the prayer here on the earth, but there is a different situation, the Lord Jesus says that “But many who are first will be last, and the last first.” (Matt 19:30).

I said: Every day I discover what’s new in the spiritual life, I guess, I have to be patient.

He said: We go back to the story. God told St. Anthony that a doctor like him and a tailor is better than him in heaven.

I said (with astonishment): A tailor is better than St. Anthony!! All that we have reached is that the monks are better than the people of the world, they are the saints and we are the sinners, their prayers answered and our prayers are not, because we are the people of the world!
(I smiled and said) I think if people knew the story of the tailor and St. Anthony, all the people would still want to be tailors. Also, people will not stop praying and be encouraged because their prayers are answered and accepted.

He said:

The thing that helps us to be patient in prayer is that there is a purpose and there is meaning to wait, if we realize that our prayers have meaning, we will be patient and wait even if die in prayer.

It is also necessary to teach this to our children in Sunday schools, what is more beautiful and strongest than the prayers of the children, and when they realize from their young age the power of prayer and the proximity of God to them, they are rooted in love and the world can no longer tire them with its evils and desires.

 When our young people realize that God is close and that every word at any time for God is a prayer and has its effectiveness, they will not be distracted by the world’s false things, and the hours are lost in front of the internet and they don’t even have minutes for the Gospel and to pray. When they realize that God is close and that what they say god cares about and change in their lives, and they see a response that the ideas of confusion (atheism) will not be able to tire them or the wars of pornography make them despair, but they will rejoice in their father who responds to them and appreciates their words.

 “Oh Lord”

In work with your slaves.

The Holy Mass

 Also, those who are in their work and don’t have much time to spend in the prayer chamber, when they realize that they can pray in the street, at work, and in transportation, they will be encouraged and their lives will become a prayer and they will not feel the fault and guilt, but God will be on every minute of the day and participate in their actions.

God demands everyone, according to their potential, that those who live in the world will not be asked to spend the long hours to respond to them.

 And when he realizes the power of prayer those whose lives are close to the sunset (those in old age) and years pass, and find their children growing up and their grandchildren busy, they find in Christ a close friend and by their prayers they can do a lot while they are in their places.

For their children and relatives and for the whole world only pray and ask for blessings, Lord Bless “So and so… “. And it helps you, the group of “Everything is good”.

 I said: Prayer is a consolation for every sad, a power to every weak, and beautiful meaning of life for all human beings, but you have never told me before, Father, about “Everything is good” group!

He said: We mentioned it briefly when we talked about the Bible, but in the replay benefits. The whole group of “Everything is good” is to organize your prayers and activate the link so that you don’t forget, and get busy with your life.

“We shouldn’t get bored in our prayers.”

Even if it’s been years.

Even if our requests are impossible in the eyes of all people. The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.

Saint Basil the Great

I said: How do we organize it, Father?

He said: The group of “Everything is good”, a request to go out and request to go back.

I said: What do you mean, going out and going back requests?

He said: The requests for going out, from home to school, university, work, or anywhere and these spiritual requests are 7 requests:

  1. Fullness with the Holy Spirit: “Lord, fill me with your holy spirit as you filled the Apostles in the past, make your holy spirit lead me in all my affairs, you said, “The Heavenly Father gives the Holy Spirit to those who ask him, I ask you, Lord, give me the fullness of your holy spirit.”
  2. Love: “Give me, Lord, to love you with all my heart, from all my thoughts and all my abilities, to love you as you loved me, to love you more than anything or anyone in my life”, you said “you love the Lord your God with all your heart.” Let me fulfill your will, Lord, and you said “that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.” Come, Lord, live in me and make the divine love within me.
  3. Prayer: “Teach me, Lord, how to pray, you said “Always ought to pray and not lose heart”, Don’t let worries of the world make me busy with, but all time, let me ask you and remember you, let me not feel bored of prayer, know what I pray for, and what words I say to you, the saints were sitting all night praying and saying leave me a little and let me pray to you, Lord.
  4. Humility: “Give me, Lord of true humility, you said learn from me because I am meek and humble hearted.” Give me to be like you, print your image in me, Jesus, give me humility that is not smallness or humiliation, you were humble and yet you were strong, save me Lord from pride, ego and condemnation, and make me As meek and humble as you are, Jesus.
  5. Faith: “Give me a true and strong faith in you, Lord, you said if you have faith like a mustard seed, give me, Lord, a mustard seed, you said ,” And this is the victory that has overcome the world, our faith.”, Give me the faith in which I overcome the world and triumph over the worries and fears of life, believing that you are with me to embrace and defend me.
  6. Wisdom: “Give me, God, wisdom in everything, you said “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach”, give me wisdom, Lord, in dealing with people, organizing time, knowing the tricks of Satan, so I don’t deviate right or left. Lord, please give me a true wisdom.
  7. Holiness: Sanctify me, Lord, sanctify my senses, my heart, my thought and my body. You said this is the will of God, your Holiness. Sanctify me fully, Lord, you said be saints, but the world is full of evils and sins, and I’m weak alone, I can’t, but you can, Lord, sanctify me.

I said: These are requests I ask when I’m out of the house going anywhere, I notice, Father, that in all the requests you focus on “You said Lord”.

He said: I like the power of your observation and your focus, son. Yes, I will tell you a very important principle in spiritual life, my son.

I said (with all the attention): And what is it, Father?

He said:

The power of prayer in the use of Bible verses.

And the power of the Bible to turn it into a prayer.

I said: Why, Father?

He said: When you stick to the promises and demand God with, first expresses your lack of reliance on your feelings or actions, and secondly God is faithful in his promises, so he must respond, and thirdly your requests will be according to God’s will, so that you will also ensure the response.

So be in all your requests like a child and say
“Didn’t You promise me, Daddy, and said…”.

I said: Great thing, Father, I’m not going to ask for anything unless I’m going to say “Didn’t You promise me, Daddy, and said…”, But this needs me to keep the promises and study them well.

He said: Exactly, take this training and make a pamphlet and write in it the promises of God in the Bible, and try to pray with it and save it by signs.

I said: Ok, Father, is there a complement to the group “Everything is good”?

He said: We have said the going out requests, remains:

The requests for going back: Are material requests and for others: Material requests such as (study, work, future, Time Management, dealings with people) and don’t forget to pray in detail and not in vague and general words.

And requests for others such as (your family, your friends, church, service, and also as we mentioned three of your non-Christian friends). But don’t forget to link requests to places you’re constantly passing through.

I said: How, Father?

He said: “At the door of the house, ask to be filled by the Holy Spirit. – when you ride the transportation, ask for holiness- when entering school or work, ask for wisdom.”

And so everywhere linked it with something, even over time, it becomes an automatic reaction, and once you pass through this place you find yourself asking for this request.

I said: A beautiful and practical way, Father, because in the beginning of interrupted fasting I was persistent and cheerful, but over time I got busy and forgot, but this method helps me to remember and not forget.

He said: This method has been experienced by many, and it was a blessing in the way they testified after many years. The one who is patient in the request, this expresses the expectation of a response to this must be answered, but the one who comes knocking and running will most likely leave before the door opens for him.

I said: How?

He said: Many say, in frustration, I prayed and our Lord didn’t respond, so, who will respond? the neighbors! the devil! or am I going to respond to myself?!! Whoever comes to God must have this principle.

I said: What is this, Father?


“Either an assassin, or a slain”

I don’t want to try and leave, I will die in front of your door, Lord, you will open, I know, so David the Prophet did and said ” I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” (Psa 84:10). And Peter the Apostle said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” So, we sitting down and wait anyway.

“But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” (Isa 40:31), and in psalms, ” I waited patiently for the LORD; And He inclined to me, and heard my cry.”(Psa 40:1).

The Canaanite woman screamed, waited and told him she will sitting down and wait!! If as a human being or as a dog, you’ll respond anyway.

 Be patient, son, and you’ll get.

I said:

I’ll be patient, even to death, life goes on anyway. So, I’ll let it go while I’m waiting for something better to happen, rather than waiting for nothing.

But I have a question, why patience and fatigue in prayer!! Why God doesn’t respond from the first time we ask for something, especially if it’s things for service, the church and for the glory of his name?!

He said: God is kind, affectionate and pleased to respond and compassion, but we are not alone in this world, but we have an enemy named Satan and his soldiers, and they are obstructing us(1Thes2:18), and disrupting the response of our prayers (Daniel 9), The Apostle Paul tells the people of Thessalonians that he wanted to come to them, but Satan obstructed us, And Daniel the Prophet prayed and became patient in prayer for 21 days until Gabriel the Angel came and told him that on the day you prayed, God responded. But when I came to you with the respondent, the devil stopped me. But because Daniel remained persistent in prayer until Gabriel the Angel came to respond, he found him waiting for the response to his request, so he received it.

But if he had prayed, forgotten, lost, and lost his hope in the response, the angel would have come to him with the response, and when he did not find him waiting, he would return without giving Daniel anything.

I said: You mean, if I asked for something and forgot it, can God respond and I don’t take the response?

He said: Keeping up with ask and patience waiting for the response is the eye in which we see the response, the hand with which we take the response, and the ear with which we hear God’s response to us.

Now we sum up what we have said so that we don’t forget:

Three things that help us to be patient:

*The Bible (promises- hope – the patience of the Lord to the disciples).

*Nature itself and everyday life teaches us patience.

*The saints have been patient and have been given.

We also talked about:

*Evangelization prayer.

 *Prayer of blessing and the use of the time killed.

*The whole set is perfect.

And will continue this when we talk about the prayer’s power secret.



1Short prayers.

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