How to pray- The prayer response secret (1) (13)

How to pray- The prayer response secret (1) (13)



 Prayer is communication with God, but why does prayer become love and joy for some and for others become tired? Why do some people ask, and they take and rejoice while some don’t take anything despite their many prayers?!

 There is a secret. The first secret to the response to prayer is the expectation. That I expect God’s response and don’t say words that make no sense, just imposition and ritual.

Three things that express a real expectation are selected, busyness and waiting. Also, expectation doesn’t depend on our feelings or actions, but on the Word of God, God said he will respond.

If you want your prayers to be meaningful and effective, I invite you to try these simple steps and when you see a result, continue and don’t stop.

The Lord Jesus gives us lasting joy and teaches us the secrets of his love, with the intercession of our Mother Virgin Mary and the prayers of our Blessed Father, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, and to our God, glory forever, Amen.

When I’m on my usual way to meeting my godfather, thinking about the subject my father will talk to me about today, since he told me that there’s a secret to answering prayer and I’m busy with this word, since we were kids, we had a love of exploring new things or secrets, I got to the place where we meet constantly. And I didn’t feel the time, so the hours passed as if it’s moments, I arrived to then greet him and said why, Father, there are people praying and God responds to them and others no matter how they pray and there is no response, and you promised that you will tell me today the secret of response the prayer.

He said: Yes, my son, there is a secret to respond in prayer.

I said: What is it, Father?

He said: The first secret to response the prayer is


I said: Expect what?

He said: Expect a response. A lot of people pray, but after they pray, you tell them, do you expect to respond? They say no or is it possible that God respond?

No. So their prayers are without understanding, they pray just to repeat words, to complement the duties and rituals.

The first thing that expresses the existence of expectation is


That is, specific requests and not gel orders, make no sense.

I said: How, Father?

He said: For example, when “Kirillison” says 41 times in every prayer, what do you ask for?

I said: I say, Lord, have mercy.

For we through the Spirit eagerly expect the hope of righteousness by faith. (Gal 5:5)

He said: What mercy do you ask for or wait that God gives to you, don’t you pray and say “May God have mercy”, and God says to you, “What mercy do you ask for my son, what do you want to have mercy on, my beloved?” What are you going to say to him?

I said (in shame): I don’t know. Frankly, I have never thought about this before, I said, Lord, have mercy, but I haven’t waited for anything or expect something specific as you say.

He said: Any prayer, my son, you don’t specify, it means that you don’t expect to respond and indeed it doesn’t respond. Any prayer you say without understanding has no effect or power, it has become just words. For that, the Lord said, “Don’t repeat the words falsely (Mat 6:7), i.e., without understanding without awareness, as if God Only wants words that satisfy his greatness and power.

I said: You mean, we shall stop such prayers, Father.

He said: Of course not. But we invalidate the lack of understanding, we stop mere recitation, and to understand and define what we say, to trust that you speak to God your father – “Our Father”, really, not just a word. When you say, Lord, have mercy you can imagine, even trust that you are in front of God and he says to you, “Have mercy on you from what, my beloved”, you say “Have mercy on me from evil thoughts, have mercy on me from laziness, have mercy on me and be with me in the exam, O Lord, have mercy on me and organize my time, O Lord, have mercy on Him/her and be with him”. Thus, your prayers become meaningful and don’t speak to the air, as the Bible says, “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me” (Mar 7:6).

I said: Oh, if the person is concentrated in every prayer, he will find a beautiful and profound meaning of every word.

He said: Yes, my son, when you say “Forgive our sins” or “O Lord, all that we have sinned to you on this day… Forgive and forgive us.”

Those who recite their prayers in haste, who are overwhelmed by their laziness or sleepiness, without understanding the meaning of words in his heart, do not serve God, but rather satisfy himself and silence his conscience.

This is not a prayer, but it is a form of lies and god’s insidious.

Fr. John K.

– God tells you what sin I forgive you about?!

– You say all the sins, I’m a sinner.

After prayer:

– Did God forgive you?!

– You say no all the same, I’m a sinner.

So, what is the use of prayer?! What is the benefit of forgive us our debts, and forgive all our sins?!

I said: Ok, what is the solution to this problem, Father?

He said: That you remember every sin’s name, forgive me for the evil thought while I’m in the busy street in the morning. Forgive me, God, for the anger and the willies on “…” today. Forgive me for my failure at Prayer and laziness.

Every sin you remember in its name. You repent of it and trust with full confidence that God will forgive it all. Otherwise, our prayers will become meaningless and ineffective. God doesn’t respond because we don’t wait for a response.

 This is one of the most important reasons why prayer is distress and fatigue, not joy and longing. When the person is sure that he will take, he will be joying and running. This is even on the financial level anything for free people run to follow (What is free, give me more and more of it)1.

But because we are not expecting a response, prayer has become distressed, imposition and fatigue, we are going to give the transcendent God, the mighty, the oppressor, his duties and rituals, or he turns against us.

I said: There are times when I pray in the morning so that there are no problems on the day?! But I don’t know what kind of prayer is that?!

He said: We pray to take the aid of God to overcome the problems of the world and its worries and strength against Satan and his arrows, God is with us not against us, when we forget to pray to face Satan and the narrows of the world alone, so we are defeated and tired, because the tiredness is from Satan not God, the fatigue because we didn’t take the aid and we lean on our own strength, so we became weak in front of Satan and the problems of the world.

I said: There are times when I forget to pray?!

He said: We forget to pray because we are not sure that prayer has meaning and strength. And the reason is that we aren’t expecting a response because we pray without specifying.

For example, when we ask in the Mass for the peace of the Church or for the peace of the world, trust that God hears your prayers and truly gives peace. When you ask for the plants and the air, you must focus and you ask for the plants really, and the Lord will bless the crops and save them from pests. And so every request you ask for, trust that God hears it and is pleased to respond (and that we will take in detail in a whole series called Spirit and Life, we will talk about how we benefit from the Mass, the Book of Hours “Agpeya”, the Holy Week, so that we don’t miss holy times without understanding or focusing, that quickly prayed like a student who wants to finish his boring homework,

When you pray for someone, you have to see what kind of words you say about your request and determine the subject or thing you ask from God. You must believe that you have a firm covenant from God to give you every prayer minute with the same request words that you explained and painted. For example: when you ask for a health to yourself or someone else, turns to the word “health” and what it really benefits and trust that you have already obtained what you perceive in your mind with God’s mercy and ability to do everything. Because those words and names become acts and deeds to God! “Ask, and it will be given to you” (mat 5:5), “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them”. (Mar 11:24)

Fr. John K.

So that our prayers don’t become mere Jell-O words that mean nothing, weak and lukewarm prayers).

And I’ll say very important training.

I said: What is it, Father?

He said: When we pray to eat, what do you say?

I said: Mostly, Lord, bless this food as you blessed the five breads and the two fishes. This is the prayer that we used to pray before eating.

He said: Do we expect that God will bless the food and be enough for 5,000 and increase 12 baskets.

(I smiled and said): Of course not. Just a reserved prayer, but what do I say in prayer for eating, Father?

He said: I will tell you a simple training, but always remember the saying of Mar Ishak, “The power of prayer is not in its quantity but in its continuity”. We eat to fill the belly with bread, with rice, with chicken, with meat, and this is not sinful, but we are not just bodies or we will be!!!

When you pray to God with all your heart, you actually speak to God, not as if he outside of you, but within you and in the depth of your heart: “abides in Me, and I in him”. (Jo 6: 56)

Fr John K.

I said: Rats.

He said: But because we are human beings and not Inanimate or mice, our souls want to be saturated and filled as well. Therefore, the Apostle Paul says that “filled with the Spirit” (Eph 5:18) and John the Baptist says ” God does not give the Spirit by measure” (Jo 3:34) and The Lord Jesus says ,” If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”
 (Lu 11:13).

I said: What do you mean, Father?

He said: While you are eating, what you think about?

I said (with a smile): I’ll eat and think.

He said: Take advantage of the period of eating and every time you take a Spoon of eating say:

“Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit”

Speak the words of prayer without haste, and do not let your mind roam everywhere, but close it and tie it to the meanings of the words of prayer.

Bishop Ignatius

 It is a short but very deep prayer, my son. Imagine that in times of breakfast, dinner and lunch, every day you ask and expect fullness from the Holy Spirit like the apostles in the attic of Zion, the Lord must respond, and as the Lord has filled the Apostles in the past, he is pleased to fill you too, and the Holy Spirit will bear fruit with you (love, joy, peace…..) and teach you everything and remind you of the words of Christ in the Gospel.

I said: Short but very deep request, Father.

He said: There is a saint named St. Seraphim Sarov (from Russia) who has been for three years day and night, praying, “Lord fill me with the Holy Spirit. O Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit.” He was filled with the Holy Spirit and was praying amid the snows of Russia, full of grace and spiritual heat, and witnessed Christ strongly in Russia.

Ask, son, and don’t just eat cheese.

And if you want to receive the Holy Spirit and dwell in you. Raise your thoughts to heaven day and night and ask with all your hearts this holy fiery spirit and will give to you….

St. Antonius

.. P977 Divine Love

I said: What did you mean by eating cheese, Father?

He said: Someone decided to travel from England to America in a steamer, and the trip would take about ten days, and because this man was very stingy, he decided to take with him two cans of cheese and some bread so that he wouldn’t buy anything while he was in the ship.

The days pass and the passengers every day, eat a different meal from the day before like seafood, and he looks from his room in a Jealousy and eagerly until the last day he decides to sacrifice and buy a lunch meal and he went to one of the passengers and said “How much is the lunch today?”. He said to him with astonishment!

The ticket is all-inclusive!! He said with a sigh! Every day?! He told him every day. And this is where my father looked at me and said, you think, what are his feelings?

I said: He might throw himself into the sea of rage!!


Eating Prayer

During meals, you say,
 “God, fill me with the Holy Spirit.”

He said: We will also discover that God was giving us many blessings and rich, but we were poor. as someone who has a rich life, but living as a poor,

So, they say about him, “it is not a blessing face. But a …”

I said: A face of Poverty.

He said: Yes, my son, I ask deeply from God, as the Bible says, “God does not give the Spirit by measure” and “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”.

The specifying in prayer expresses an expectation, and the more you specific in the details, the closer you are to the response.

 So, don’t just say help me, God, in my study, but help me with the “…” material, also in the specific chapter and the particular part. Don’t say bless the children, God, but bless them in their exams, in the specific subject and time. And so in every detail, even small ones.

I said: New and beautiful words, Father. But can’t God get bored of me?

He said (with a smile): Never, he will be happy and the relationship will increase. When you meet someone, you don’t know very well, He says hello and How you doing? and you are replying welcome, how you are doing!!, You mean nothing, he doesn’t mean anything, and none of you are waiting for a reply.

I said (smiling): It is possible for us to say “please come and have a seat” and we are in a place that is strange from our homes just words in the air for courtesy.

He said: But if someone you really know closely asks you about the details, how’s your father, what did he do with the previous subject “…” and what about the “… “exam, and the stronger the relationship between you the more accurate details. No, just thanking for everything and in any situation!! But God says to you what is this situation!! Are you thanking or just reserved words?

I said: Really, Father, we say general words that have no meaning and no intention, just to complete the duties without a soul, I lost sacred times without meaning, prayer was concerned also imposed, not love and joy, enough times lost without meaning

 And supposed to be the most beautiful times, the deposit of the kingdom and the beginning of eternity, enough not understanding and words that are meaningless, truly the lack of knowledge leads to destruction, from now on I will try to mention the details, but the details of the details, and I said with a smile (God forbid, but he doesn’t get bored of me, and from my talks.)

He said: Of course, he will not be bored, but will be happy with you like the joy of a father with a son who has not spoken for years. Also the details express the need, whenever the child is young, ask his father simple things, like the father I want the shirt, where is the shoe, I want you to drive me to school, and The Lord Jesus said if you don’t come back and become like children (in simplicity and faith) you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

I said: How lucky, to find someone who cares about, help and relieve you and not be relieved, honestly, it is the beginning of fatigue or hell, if the relieve is in front of me and I’m satisfied with the tiredness and surrender to it, from now on I’ll let God in the details of my life I will be a small child, I will throw my concern on God and rest, enough to be tired enough hell, we lived it and we aren’t aware God loves us and wants our comfort, we bring tired for ourselves and All of this is from Not realizing ourselves and the ideas that frightened us of God, by a focus on routine and form, but where is the love where is fatherhood where is the joy that the one is going to throw tiredness and rest or go throw himself in the lap of his father and take refuge from evil and sin I will start, Father, I will start now.

He said: Start living a happy childhood with your loving father, who is more merciful to you than yourself, who accepts you in your weakness, supports, cleanses you of your sin and loves hear the details of your small life before the big ones.

 And the second thing that expresses expectation is


He’s absolutely certain that his prayers will not be answered! And who is this wretch? He is the one who prays and does not believe that he will get an answer.

Fr. John Kassian

I said: What is the meaning of being busy, Father?

He said: When the child is waiting for his father to bring him chocolate while he is coming back from work, he keeps busy with chocolates and every little bit he looks out of the window and stay all day long busy with his father’s return. The concern is, whatever it is

The request is present in my mind constantly day and night until God responds.

I said: What’s the difference between busy and nagging?

He said: Busy is at the level of mind, and the nagging is the practical translation of the preoccupation and we will discuss it on the subject of conflict with God. If there is no real preoccupation within you at the level of mind, it will be a mere lyric that you want to speak falsely like a parrot.

Once a story told by a young man in college “We had a difficult subject and the doctor was scary for the students and for the first time he took the oral exam for the subject, and his questions were very difficult, so I was very busy with this subject and the examination and every day at night I had hallucinations as if I am on the committee and hear the questions as if I am in a serious exam”

I said: I’m also like that, Father. When it is a difficult issue, I keep busy with it all night long, I always dream of the answer and wake up to write it.

He said: This is the proof of expectation that I am preoccupied with the subject that I pray constantly and I ask God day and night until he responds, so it is written “

“I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the LORD, do not keep silent” (Isa 62:6). And “pray without ceasing” (1 Thess 5:17). Also “that men always ought to pray and not lose heart” (Luk 18: 1).

A very religious and careful person in the Old Testament, when they liked to translate the Book of Jews to put it in an Alexandria library, they chose him among seventy people to do this work, and when he liked to translate (Isaiah 7:14) baffles how to write a virgin who is pregnant, he said we can write a girl who gets pregnant, a woman who gets pregnant, but a virgin and a pregnant, Greece will not accept it. So God replied that he will not see death until he saw the Virgin and the Son of Christ the Lord born of her, so he expected this promise to happen and he was busy with it day and night in the temple despite his old age, despite his weakness, but he was busy with the promise until he saw and said now you will release your slave in peace.

When you ask God,
get busy with the request,
don’t ask and forget until the response is done.


So, if someone asks God and after a day, you say to him what did you ask the Lord for?! He says I don’t know. What are you waiting for Our Lord to respond to this year? He says I don’t know; I’m I remember what I ate yesterday!! Such people don’t expect a response and will not take it. Who doesn’t care and get busy about his request, it means that he doesn’t need it strongly, if one needs something that he will dream of day and night!

A young man who was fighting with an evil habit – and it is natural that they fight with youth’s desires.

I said: I mean, as long as I’m young, I fall into youth desires!”

He said: Normally he fights, it’s not normal that he falls.
In the war, I can be wounded, but I will not give up, if I fall (and this is possible) I will continue the war and fight, but no despair and also no justify. And that’s what happened to the young man. He kept struggling, falling and up, but he struggled faithfully, day and night, short prayers that never end (O Lord Jesus cleansed me – Lord Jesus, give me holiness – Lord Jesus freed me…) constantly busy.

“Even in my sleep, I was woken saying, ” Lord Jesus, give me holiness,” he says.

I said: Is he really free?”

He said: Lord is faithful. Truly, by the grace of Christ, becomes free.

I said: How long did it take?!

He said: After months. The period depends on your seriousness. The distance from the cathedral to the metro may be taken by one person in a quarter of an hour, another person in half an hour, two people walking and having fun together with snacks, they will arrive hopefully in two or three hours.

 If you want, my son, a real response, get busy with your request and keep it in front of you day and night. Neither bored nor tireless, until God responds.

A mother was preoccupied with her daughter’s salvation day and night with tears and prayers, the girl is simple and kind, but her legs slipped in the way of apostasy. The mother didn’t give up, day and night, busy with her daughter, her image in front of her, not to bring her grief, disease, sugar, pressure and paralysis, but she was turning all her pain and sadness to prayers “Lord Jesus, she is your daughter, you must bring her back, you must intervene.” And in a strange Way there were calamities in the house of the young man who was seducing her, he and his family had to expel her “Go to your family, enough, our house is ruined.”

I said: There are mothers and fathers who don’t pray for their children if this happens to them, possibly if they meet, they will kill them!!

He said: Who is killing people?

I said: Satan is the killer.

He said: And who thinks about this will be the son of the devil!! They are not afraid of the salvation of their children, they are not even sure about their salvation, they are afraid of shame, for how they look in front of the people. But forgive our children like Christ, who forgives us!

No. We pray and get busy with our children day and night and expect a response because the Lord wants everyone to be saved! No. Just gets sick and depressed or we want to kill them so that they go to hell and we go with them too. Where the killer goes!! But salvation, forgiveness, power and prayer response!! Words that are out of our minds.

Our culture not a Christian culture anymore, nor gospel culture as well, it becomes the culture of shame, the culture of form and how we look like in front of the people, but we Pray, fight and get busy day and night, without boredom or interruption, as the book says. No.

I said: I don’t know, Father, every day I find out that I wasn’t Christian, forgiveness, prayer, fatherhood, unconditional love, the culture of the Gospel has become really strange to us, Please, Father, continue with me so I can get to know the signs of a true Christian as you told me to enter the guild. Please be patient with me even if I slacken or fall short.

He said: Jesus is patient with all of us, and we must be patient with each other, and I am the one who tells you, please, continue with me the curriculum to the end, my son, there is no meaning to life away from The Lord Jesus, and you will know things that makes to your life a goal and a noble meaning that deserves to live for.

I said:

*The first indicator of an expectation is to Select, i.e. specify the request.

*The second indicator It’s busy, i.e. get the request into the depths, and get busy with it.

And what’s the third thing about an expectation, Father?

He said: Great, you remained good in the review and summary, and this is something very important which is the difference between preaching and practical education that lasts, without clear practical steps all our words become forgotten with time.

The third thing to have an expectation is:


Those who know the Scriptures make it easier for them to pray in a true prayer.

St. Isaac the Syrian

This will be discussed in detail when we talk about the third secret in the response to prayer.

I said: But, Father, this expectation is not always felt.

He said: Yes, we learned not to rely on our feelings and we discussed it before.

I said: It is also possible that I don’t have a strong faith to ask for.

He said: Our dependence, my son, in our requests, will not build on feelings, it is changing, nor on our actions ” And all our righteousness’s are like filthy rags” (Isa 64 :6)
Nor on our personal faith, we’re weak, and we don’t even have a mustard seed of faith.

I said (surprisingly): And what are we going to count on, Father?

He said: On the Word of God, in upper Egypt, they say, “So he said the word.” Is it only upper Egyptians, says a word and executes it and God doesn’t carry out his word!!

The subject of the response doesn’t depend on us at all, it depends totally on God, he said, he is fully committed to carrying out his Word.

It says “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” (Heb10:23).

I said: Isn’t it important that I have faith until God responds to me.


Faith in the Word of God, not faith in your power and personal strength.

Do you believe that God is capable of everything?

I said: Yes, I believe.

He said: Do you believe that the Bible is a word of God.

I said: Yes, I believe.

He said: This is the faith on which we rely that God can do everything, and that his Word in the Bible will be fulfilled as long as we demand it.

I said: But I’m a sinner person and I do many sins.

He said: We go back again; do you want to do sin?! Do you have ever been persistent and monitored or are you rejecting every sin, but you are weakened?! Will there ever be a day, that the holiest saint saying, today I’m without a sin? Answer me, God!!

Faith is the wing of prayer, and without it, prayer returns to the bosom of man again.

Fr. John of the Ladder

I said: I get it, I get it, Father, sorry for the old ideas every once in a while.

He said: In Sunday school classes, the servant like to explain to the children what the faith is. So, he took off his watch and it was an expensive one and said “Boys, boys, who wants this watch? The first one will say I want it, will take it all along.” The children take a while to think, “Is he really going to give it to them or is it just a game?” But a simple boy said “me, sir, I want it.” And he really gave it to him.
The class irritated, is he going to take it all along, sir? He said yes along. And everyone said, I wish It was me.


It’s pretty simple, just. God said, And I say you said Lord and I expect a response.

He said: This is how the saints did, and the Prophet Moses always said, “Remember, Lord the Covenant that you said to our fathers.”

Remember (God) the covenant you made with our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Midnight Praise

And the Bible says, ” And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do.” (Joh 14:13).

” And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive” (Matt 21:22).

” Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” (Joh 16:24)

“Again, I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matt8:9)

“Thus, says the LORD, The Holy One of Israel, and his Maker: Ask Me of things to come concerning My sons; And concerning the work of My hands, you command Me.” (Isaiah 45:11)


“The works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do.” (Joh 14:12)

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” (Luk 10:19).

I said: Strong and deep promises, I hope we believes and lives by it.

He said: We will discover in heaven that we had great glory and rich, but because we didn’t believe or live with these promises we were in poverty.

 In one village in Upper Egypt, a young man in the last year of the Faculty of Arts, who was the only child of a widowed mother, has wine the random migration of America, and he was confused to leave his old widowed mother and emigrate or is he sacrificing an opportunity that many people dream of and remain with his mother?! After a lot of thought, he pushed by his mother to travel while she will stay in the country and all her family will be around, so she told him to travel and every once in a while, send me a letter, and every couple of years come to visit me. The young man traveled and the days passed and the widow stopped attending mass and meetings after she was a regular. The priest went to her to check on and visit her, said: “Where are you, why I don’t see you in mass and meetings anymore?” She said: “Why shall I go to church!! Even my only son traveled and never ask about me anymore, that I started selling my home things so I could spend and live. The priest said: “He didn’t send you anything at all!!” She said: “He sends me a letter and a picture even the picture he never changes it.”, ” Where is the letter and the picture? “, and when she brought them, he found that the picture was a $2,000 check. So, he asks her about the other pictures.
“You are the richest one in the country.” he said, when he found a check for $2,000 a check for $3,000.

I said: Oh, we’re like this!!

He said: Yes, my son, the Lord has given us many promises, and we live in poverty because we don’t believe his words and promises, and we live dependent on our actions and feelings, all of which lead to fatigue, failure and bitterness, it is possible that the slave benefits more from the father than the son.

I said: How, Father?

He said: There was a great prince in Europe, and he was famous for being interested in the needy, so one of the beggars every day asked for his help, once to build his house, once to make a project, and every time he didn’t refuse his request, This prince had a son and the prince was asking him: Do you need something, son? The son says to him thank you, the prince says: I want you to be happy and cheerful, so the son says to him thank you, and one day this beggar came and asked the prince to help him in his son’s wedding, he didn’t delay, but gave him a lot of gifts and gave him a sheep for his feast. The son burst into tears and said, “What is this?” you’re giving to beggars and slackening on me? This is injustice! Then he ran and left his father, and his father went to him, so the son started crying and said, “Why do you give the beggars and never me?” The father said, my son, everything is yours, did you ask for anything and I didn’t give it to you.

I said: Poor, son.

He said: We are the poor ones, God has given us promises and we are living in poverty and he has given us to ask, and take, to have a power, to have joy. But we don’t trust in his promises and we live in darkness, tiredness and bitterness.

I said: Do his promises for all people, Father?!

He said: Sure, for all his children to all those who made him a general power of attorney (as we mentioned in part four), the son has all the wealth of his father, who gave his life to the Lord, The Lord gave him his life (2 Cor 4:10). He took who is ours and gave us which he has. So, are you his son or not? Did you make a general power of attorney or not?

I said: I’m his son because he adopted me, and I surrendered my life and subjected to him because he died for me, but are all promises absolute, Father?

He said: Have you completely subjected to the Lord and delivered your will to Him?

I said: As you taught me. In principle, yes, but I grow in that.

He said: Fine, then all the promises are completely yours, and when God sees that a promise that doesn’t suit you now, he will tell you, and will give you complete joy as if you had taken the promise completely. Remains a last practice before we move on to the second point in the mystery of the prayer response.

I said: What is it, Father?


“made offerings”

Every mass

choose a request and a person and ask for them throughout the


He said: Is the expression “made offerings”, we mentioned before?!

I said: We didn’t, Father.

He said: In every Mass we pray “Remember, O Lord, these offerings, and for whom were made, and by whom were made.” What do you want today, my beloved, what are you asking me for at mass? “he says”. But we stand and pray for hours, but not targeted.

I said: what does it mean, Father?

He said: Every mass you attend, choose a request and a person and ask for them throughout the mass, which be your goal for made offerings and prayers, and when you prostrate ask for them, when you say, “Have mercy, Lord”, or when you “Eucharist” ask for them, don’t let the holy times go to waste and don’t be distracted, but focus on your prayers and expect the response and demanded until you take it.

I said: Great idea, Father, I often get bored of the length of the mass, or pray, prostrate and sit aimlessly. From now on, every mass I will take a request and a person and asks for them, and is it possible to take more than that?

He said: Focus on your requests, so you don’t forget or get confused, and always remember that when the devil doesn’t know how to stop a car, he is trampling gasoline. So, step by step until these things become a nature in you.

Remember that today we only talked about the first secret in the response to prayer, which is an expectation (Selection, busy, waiting). We said that the expectation is to wait for a response based on the Word of God and not on my feelings or actions. And we took a lot of practical training:

1- Eating prayer (when I eat any meal I say while eating, O Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit)

2- Made offerings, which is when you attend any mass you take a person and a subject and put them before God throughout the mass and ask for them.

I leave you in the grace of Christ and continue next week with the grace of Christ.


**We hope that this series will be translated and published in different languages and distributed in the churches of the diaspora and tourist countries and by the grace of Christ, we have begun to translate in English and German and we welcome those who help us in this work for the glory of Christ.

**We also hope that this series will be transformed into a theatrical action or a series and small videos that welcome any idea and any work of Christ’s glory.


1Egyptian saying.

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