How do I work with God? The principles of work (2) (12)

How do I work with God? The principles of work (2) (12)


By: House of God’s Love


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The Lord Jesus’ last command to his Disciples and to us is to preach the Gospel(Mark16:15) and to tell of redemption, forgiveness, eternity and reconciliation with God. Jesus shed his blood for the salvation of the whole world and commanded us to tell everyone this salvation. And as loyal children of their father, we value this blood and tell the whole world.

Those who trust in forgiveness in the blood of Christ and who inherit eternal life cannot shut up but preach it. What are the principles of working with god? What are the motives, obstacles and levels of work? That’s what we’re going to step by step together to grow in the work and bear witness to Christ.

The Lord Jesus inflames our hearts and the hearts of all his people with the salvation of souls through the intercession of our Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the prayers of our blessed father, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, Glory to our God in His church from now and forever Amen.


As I am walk to me my Godfather, I saw some people picking some of the palm trees at the monastery farm. I was amazed, and I thought to myself, that palm sure took years to grow up to be like this. But unfortunately, they cut it so easily and simply. When I arrived to my Godfather, he was waiting for me. I said Hi, and then I sat down and he started asking me about my spiritual life. After that, I told him we’d continue today the principles of work we started last time.

If we do not save our souls or the souls of others, then what evil does happen to us?!

Saint John Chrysostom

He said: Last time we talked and said, ” who realizes can’t shut up, who must have shut up didn’t realize”. If we’re not a fountain, we’re a pond. A branch that doesn’t bear fruit it cuts.

 I said: I was amazed, Today when I came, they cut down some palm trees, after the long years they had waited, they would eventually cut them down like this.

He said: Actually, after a certain time every branch that does bear fruit it cuts . And so we are in spiritual life. It is the command of the Lord Jesus that we preach his redemption and salvation to all peoples (Mark 16:15). St. Paul says:- How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation(Hebrews2:3). last time, we talked about the first principle of work. Today we will talk about the second principle that is

Continuity to speak

Leave the dialogue door open.

 I said: What does that mean, Godfather?

 He said: You can’t talk about all the spiritual things in one meeting. Know that “The beginning is not enough”. But it is important that we continue.

The beginning is always the hardest step.

 Starting to talk about spiritual things with someone may be something new and strange to him. Because they’re not used to being told directly about Jesus. That’s because they’re accustomed to the traditional form of asking for them or calling a church meeting. Although talking about sports, economics, or politics are popular. unless, talking about Christ is strange to us. That’s a sad thing.

Pastoralism is not just a pleasure, it is also a responsibility towards everyone of the group. Any soul that gets lost because of the priest’s neglection in praying for this soul and searching for it. On judgment day, the Lord will ask for the lost souls from the priest. In deep sorrow, I think about how many ill people we priests visit and talk to about everything, except our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Oh, what a shame!

Pastoral Love (p.375)

But we won’t give up on that reality, son. In order to complete it more easily, it is necessary not to leave the dialogue door open after you first speak. But always remember him of the three principles mentioned earlier. Tell him that’s just a beginning. And these are steps after steps If you close the dialogue, you’ll need the second time for another beginning.

 I said: if someone wants to know everything at once?

He said: Don’t do this, son. Cause talking would be just a story for fun, Stories fill books. There’s no need for that. Because that turns out to be just lifeless information, not spiritual steps. That is why we were so reluctant to start writing and spreading these spiritual principles. Not even to be a book that reads and forgets. But practical steps For a life to live.

 Once, Two got cold, went to the doctor, gave them an antibiotic. Someone said to himself, I’ll take all the antibiotic pills to get better soon.Do you expect him to heal?

 I said: Of course, not, It’s going to get tough.

He said: thus, who wants to know everything at once. He doesn’t get a benefit and It can be hard when he sees things above his soul and can’t get to them. Then he despair and the spiritual sense dies within. He thinks these things are just entertainment or talk to others or saints.

I said: What happened with another patient?

He said: The patient said the antibiotic was 1,000 mg. it’s a little heavy on the stomach, I’ll take a pill every week or two, and I’ll be well slowly. Do You think he’ll heal that way?

 I said: Of course no, because there is no antibiotic effect.

 He said: Those might be happy when you talk to them at the first time. Then they get busy with life.

I said: What do we do with them?

 He said: They need constant follow-up, patience, choose the right time to talk to them, to be kind to people as god did, and if they slow down, you go after them as long as they’re willing to hear you. The good shepherd has gone after the lost sheep. He did not wait for him to come alone.

We must have an initiative

 One of the most beautiful words on this subject. What the book of ACTS says about the Ethiopian man “And Philip ran thither to him” (Act8:30) He was not afraid or ashamed.

The Lord Jesus said, “go,” and he did not say that the people would come to you. He himself walked six hours to the Woman of Samaria. And as a good shepherd, he went to look for the lost sheep. We will speak in detail about the initiative later.

I said: What’s the third step, Godfather?

 He said: The Third step is

Individual work

“In Aside”

 I said : What does that mean?

 He said : The best way to deliver these spiritual principles is in aside (to be alone), my son.

 I said : why?

He said : for three reasons:-

The first :- Everyone’s not gonna take it at the same way

Don’t expect everyone to welcome you when you first talk about god, may be stopped, rejected, and mocked you from the first time. So you better be alone until there’s another chance to try again without feeling embarrassed. Also, when you’re in a group, someone might show disinterest, and that would negatively affect the others.

 Once, I started talking to someone about spiritual life. At first he showed disinterest, but I tried again after a year, he accepted the words and become a blessed person. Talking aside makes you accept the rejection easy.

I said : What’s the second reason?

 He said : the second reason is

There is no better indication about the righteousness and love of our God than what he did with the lost sheep. He left the ninety-nine sheeps behind and went to look for the lost one. Therefore, priests pay attention to and use all your love, power, knowledge about the Lord to benefit the lost ones. And remember, the worse the disease and the uglier the wounds you heal, the better the reward you’ll get.

The ladder



Difference in spiritual stature

 that’s because not everyone has the same spiritual stature. Not everyone is the same. There are those who need to focus on encouragement against hopelessness, forgiveness, and pride. Everyone has their own way to convince him. What one person accepts may be rejected by the other. St. Paul says “And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law;” 1Corinthians 9:20

There are some people who can easily accept words about God’s love, But it may take them a long time to accept the forgiveness of sin, Because of some SINS in their lives. Others don’t know how to forgive themselves because the harsh upbringing they’ve been brought up with. Individual differences abound, They are things in our human nature that we must accept and deal with. St. John Climacus says in his book “The Ladder of Divine Ascent” said:

On baptism day in front of God, your parents/guardians become your monitors and guide to the way of heaven.

Father Theodor

Brotherly love


The advisor does not say to all the advisees that the road is really hard and tiring or the road is easy and nice, but he picks what he needs to say according to the personality of the individual he is talking to. For example, the people who suffer from their heaviness of their sin, then the advisor would choose to tell them that the road is easy with a little bit of exhaustion. On the other hand, people who want to go through this road for pride, then the advisor would choose to tell them that is road is harsh and full of suffering.

for these differences, it may not be appropriate to talk in large groups or meetings. It’s the best way to be alone.

 I said : Is it a confession?

 He said : Of course not, The confession is only limited to the priest. But I want you to talk about spiritual principles, Talk about Christ’s love. How we walk in the spiritual path in practical steps? Without meddling in confessions. Reject that and run away from it. Walk in steady steps, Don’t let any social issues or arguments get you distracted from your main goal.

Only a true relationship with Christ and the trust of forgiveness and eternity in happiness. A lot of people have common needs like Christ’s love, forgiveness, peace and eternal life. But most of them face embarrassment in expressing these spiritual needs. when you have a consistent, flexible approach, it helps a lot.

 I said : what’s the third reason?

He said : The concentration

He will appear to be a part of the spiritual powers, and because of the pureness he was given from the Lord, he could wash and cleanse the people from their sins. Those people will be immaculate offerings, and that is the perfect service. And as it’s written in the bible that all the people around God give him gifts of saved souls.

The ladder



 I said : what does that mean?

 He said : Some deacon wanted to fill his little cups with water, For the people to drink after the communion. He started filling water in his hand and sprinkling on cups like our father did at the end of mass.

They said to him, “what are you doing?” He said, “sprinkle water until those cups are full.” Do you think by this way the cups fill up faster?

 I said : of course not, It’ll take longer time and much effort, because most of the water will come out of the cups.

 He said : But what if he took the jug to fill the cups one by one?

 I said : certainly, it’ll fill up quickly.

 He said : that’s the difference between hearing sermons and talks in aside.

In the old days, this was the church’s way of teaching through the best man (Eshbin)[1]1. Had to be a Eshbin for new Baptist kids. He care for the children’s spiritually and responsible for them before God. That’s also the monks ‘way of the monasteries. Who wants to be a monk, he must have a Godfather to guide him in his way of the monks.

Did you find a container full of gold? Instead of leaving it to someone else to take it, you just run like a wolf and take before anyone. Have this same motivation toward your lost brothers by imagining that each of these souls is a treasure that you need to save and take care of its solvation.

Saint John Chrysostom

Brotherly love



also in marriage, there are Eshbin who care about the new family to help them grow in the family together. So we have to understand and live what we do, it’s not just a ritual. So we have to understand the meaning and responsibilities of Eshbin, and don’t be a word, or just a two kids hold candles at the wedding and take pictures. The world is full of evil and pornography. Fathers were busy in life without Motivate their children spiritually, Mothers were neglected to fosterling their daughters. all of our thoughts became What shall we eat? Or, what shall we drink? Or, what shall we be clothed?. But Christ, the Gospel, and spiritual life have become things we are ashamed to talk about.

So we’re not surprised that atheism, pornography and homosexuality have spread. As long as the parents don’t care. The church became our only social clubs and our only interest in activities. We have lost the hope of eternal life and missed forgiveness. You can only expect rejection and rebellion from this generation. As long as he doesn’t get enough on the inside, he’ll go out to satisfy his hunger. Even from the filth of the world. I said : Honestly, this is the fist time i hear the explanation of the word “Eshibn”. what do the Eshbin give? He said : Spiritual life, teach any one how he grow up and realize the forgiveness of Christ. This is Christianity. And this “principles of spiritual life” is a simplified everyone can read it -young and adult- to grow in eternal life, step by step.

To God, a person who lived in austerity, fasted his/her whole life, slept on the dirt and gave all he has of money to the poor is nothing compared to one who care about the salvation of his brother’s soul.

Saint John Chrysostom

Brotherly love


We are responsible for every person who is willing and eager to hear of Jesus, We must endure and pray for him. So Concentration helps to speed up the spiritual satiety. Can you remember how many sermons you heard? How many meetings have you had? What do you remember from the many sermons have you heard? I said : Although I hear a lot of sermons, I only remember a few.

He said: but will you remember if I asked you about how to acquire the love of God, or how to control our thoughts, or how to read the bible?!

 I said: some of these topics the remember all the details of it, while others I only remember the titles and the steps that go with them. And you sir reminds with them all the time.

He said: I am not saying that you need to need to stop listening sermons. All what I am doing is trying to explain to you the difference between customization and generalization.

I said: but do you think the group work would have the same benefits as the individual work?

He said: let’s say that you were offered and opportunity to work at a tourism company for one month over the summer. You were then told that you have two payment options. The first option is to get paid $20 a day for 30 days. The second option is to starts your salary with $1 on the first day, $2 on the second day, $4 on the third day, and it doubles throughout the month, and that is because your workload will increase as will through the month. Which of the two options would you choose?

I said: I would pick the $20 a day option.

 He said: okay let’s say that your salary will start with $100 a day and then it will double up every day, which of the two options would you choose now?

 Without thinking I answered: definitely the $100 a day with the doubling option, but I feel that there is something going on, is that right?!

He said: yes, there is. With the first salary option, even if you get paid $1000 a day, then after 20 days of work your salary will end up being $20000.

However, with the second salary option (the doubling option), after 20 days of work, your salary will end up being a million dollars and will reach a billion dollars after 30 days.

 In a surprised voice I said: NO WAY! THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE!

He looked at me and told me: try to calculate it, and you see for yourself.

He asked: how old are you?

 I said: 20 years old.

 Then he asked again: How old will you be after 20 years from now?

I said: I’ll be 40 years old.

He said: if you successfully teach only two person per year about the spiritual life with Jesus, and each of these two people teach two new individuals, after 20 years, you will end up being a group of million member. For this reason, Jesus Christ says “The kingdom of heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened” (Matthew13:33).

 So do not underestimate the power of effectively working with one person at a time, no matter how long it takes to teach an individual.

All what matters is that you finish what you have started. Image if each one of us Christians does this throughout his/her life, each one of us could have brought not just thousand but millions to the church of God.

Saint John Climacus says “Brining one repentant soul to God is superior than all the offerings, as nothing in the world is better than the human soul to the Lord. Everything in the world will disappear, except the soul”.

If you promised to honestly work with Jesus, bring two people a year to him, and taught them to do the same a you, after 20 years, the two people will double and become a group of million individuals working with Christ. Therefore, I think that this way is more effective and beneficial than just having an honorable preacher who influence thousands of people without teaching each of them how to impact the others around them. As a result, it will be problematic if this preacher passes away because no one knows how to do what he is doing. I do not have to be the apostle Paul to be acceptable, but i can be Ananias.

 I said: what do you mean?

He said: we do not hear much about Ananias, but he was the one who baptized Saul of Tarsus who then became Paul the Apostle. It is possible that you might exhaust all your powers in trying to help someone and teaching him/ her about the Lord because God might use that person to change many others. Who does the teaching of the people is not important, what is important is that it is done to glorify the name God. Teaching the world about Jesus is not just about preaching the people, it is about giving your life to the Lord. This is the one of the most important principles of the guild, and it is found in (2Timothy2:2)

I said: what do you mean, Godfather?

He said: Paul the Apostle says to Timothy: “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

Paul does not talk about preaching but about how someone teaches the other to do the work of Christ. In the previous verse, he talks about 4 generations (Paul, Timothy, honest people, and others). “Our church is a church of Teaching”.

Jesus Christ choose 12 disciples and taught them everything about him and the eternal life. Additionally, he sent them to the world and told them to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,”( Matthew28:19). Everyone on the world is invited to be disciple for Jesus Christ. The most important principle when it comes to the individual work is the

Methodology of our Lord.

Jesus Christ says the heaven is like a small amount of yeast that ferment the dough and like a mustard seed which, if planted, becomes a big tree that produce a lot of fruits. During his three years of service, Jesus talked to many people but only choose twelve to be his disciples. He took care of the twelve and explained to the everything and trust them on the mysteries of the kingdom of God (Luke8:10). But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty, those who spread Christianity all over the world. “These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also” Acts17:7)

Just, be faithful over a few things, God will make thee ruler over many things. Be honest in the little place and take advantage of your opportunity. When you talk to someone in individual and he ministered, the ministry will expand and grow. Jesus Christ says “shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts1:8).

We just need to put it in our priorities, the first goal of life must to be “A witness to Christ” and God will care for all our needs1[2]. How can we see people going to hell, we can save them, but we don’t?

A man without Christ is in eternal destruction

I am not talking about non-Christians only, but also the Christians who do not know God as a father. Those who suffer from falling repeatedly and become desperate do not know the meaning of acceptance of and the hopefulness in God and those who do not believe in the full forgiveness of their sins or the eternal life are target for atheism, addiction, and depression. We are all asked to work with and for those people.

 I said: I would not imagine an individual work would have so much effect. But, Does one leaves his study and work for ministry?

He said: of course no, But make it a priority. Pray every morning

” Use me, o Lord, for the glory of your holy name.”

 Everyone, work hard to excel in his studies or his work. In the meantime, in his daily dealings, he can testify to Christ.


All of us talk with our families and friends about everything, except God. Why do not we talk with them about the forgiveness of the Lord or the eternal life?! Why do we leave them in their doubt, exhaustion, and feeling of guilt until they die and only then we start crying when it does not matter anymore?! Why don’t we start crying and prying for them now?! Why don’t we give them a spiritual book to read or a sermon to hear?! Why don’t we start talking to them about the forgiveness and the eternal life from now?!

Why don’t we look for people who need to talk about Jesus as a loving father, As a savior and a redeemer of SINS. Many around us need this. The Internet made the whole world a small village. Most Youths spend a lot of time on Facebook and chat. Why don’t they testify and talk about Christ? If they had a real relationship with Christ, they’d be interested in talking about Christ and his love and forgiveness.


If all the young men of the church were united, it would have been different. People will feel that there’s something important, our strength in our unity. We have to trust that the word is strong.

 I said: why didn’t we do it?

 He said: Because we witness worldly things and have taken priority in our lives. It is necessary to encourage our young people in meetings and sermons and to explain to them the importance of bearing witness to Christ. We don’t talk about other beliefs, don’t criticize anyone. But, We show the light of Christ, his love, his forgiveness for SINS. Which helps that Christian house, When Youths get used to praying and reading the bible at home, of course, they are not embarrassed to speak and testify about Christ.

Lack of interest in spiritual life has caused the loss of peoples and the misdirection of nations. The rest are on their way to atheism, pornography and homosexuality. So we need to change the culture and thought. We must be free of the shyness that makes us like idols that do not hear or speak. Everyone around us speaks of his beliefs except us. We are ashamed to speak and to witness about our god and about his love and forgiveness. We became as a pool that is stinking, Or like branches that don’t bear fruit, dried up, waiting to be cut and burned by fire. There are countries where Christianity has become just memories. So God gives us a chance to exploit. We are at a huge point that is “shame”, in our prayer and in witnessing to Christ. So Youths have an important role to play, aided by their culture and activity, and can testify to Christ in many ways, such as social media and Universities. We can’t deny that the Old people have an important role to play, aided by their life experience, their wisdom, how they deal with every human being throughout their lives.

If they can’t visit people because of their age, they could divide the weekdays to pray for them. For example, On Sunday for Relatives, Monday for Friends, Tuesday for neighbors, Wednesday for Church and servants or minister, Thursday for Egypt, Friday for the whole world… Everyone can talk about Jesus. Students with their colleagues, Doctors with patients, Teachers with students. Everyone can testify to Christ. If we put Christ before us and recognize the importance of redemption and salvation, we will never be able to silence that witness.

 I said : What about if I don’t know how to talk?

 He said: This point will be discussed in detail later. But the point is, you have a yearning and an awareness of the value of work. The way is long and deep so we’ll step together. It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

We’re talking about three things:-

 Story- Principle- practical step.

First The Story:-

Most of the sermons you hear are devoid of stories, so they just become principled sermons. The principle of the story is that of the Lord Jesus himself “But without a parable spake he not unto them” (Mark4:34).

 I said : Where did he get the stories?

 He said : daily story like Jesus did. He was talking about fatherhood and friendship, the fisherman and the net, the sower and the seeds. The important thing is that the story is realistic from living life and that it is targeted.

So, support your talks by stories or proverbs. People are influenced by stories and acting. when you tell the story, tell it interactively, and don’t be cold. If it needs movement, move. If it a sad story, change your tone. If it talks about faith, speak with confidence. Don’t tell a story about repentance and remorse for the speech in a funny way.

So the idea reach to the people by

” The style – The speech – The body language “

 I said: How is that?

He said : your speech ratio 20% while the style ratio 30% and finally, the body language ratio 50%. To attract attention, you have to use an attractive way and body language to deliver what you want to say. This way effects also with children.

Second: – The principle

Your speech must contain a set of principles you want to deliver, not just a story of entertainment. So try to summarize what you said after a while to get other people’s attention, or if one of them has lost focus on you, that’s how you refocus it.

If you don’t, they’ll forget all you said.

So in this approach you find this way and anyone can easily read it. Do you remember how much sermons you heard?

I said : Very little, all I remember was a nice sermon.

He said : One more question, can you get it the way you heard it from the preacher with the same effect?

I said : Of course not.

He said : That is the importance of summing up words in clear principles. Every subject is a triplets. Through the three words, you can remember the whole thing. There’s a very important principle is the reason why the church continues and grows in the face of the world without which the church weakens

Those who come after us are stronger than us.

Lord Jesus says to his disciples:- “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do “ (John14:12). If the Lord Jesus himself gave this principle to his disciples, they would do greater works than he did. Whoever comes after us will take our experience and complete the path we have set out to. without that, the church will not grow and in time will weaken.

What advantageth is that a qualified preacher has preached a million people for many years, but none of them can ever preach. When this preacher dies, everything will die with him, and there will be only memories left. So the Lord Jesus says :- “but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain” (John15:16). If we keep the words of Christ before us, the church will grow and the grace will grow. that only comes with teaching and individual work. This is the way of the apostles and the Lord Jesus(mark13:23).

 As I mentioned before, the division of the subject is first a story and then a principle

Third:- A practical step.

 Principles without stories will have no effect, Stories without practical steps that can be done will be stories of entertainment. The principles are merely theoretical and unworkable. All our teaching and preaching is like building a house on the sand. When the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it[3].

So when the apostle Peter preached at Pentecost, He told the jews” whom ye delivered up, and denied him in the presence of Pilate, when he was determined to let him go. But ye denied the Holy One and the Just, and desired a murderer to be granted unto you.(Acts3:13-14) they said to him: What are we doing?! What are we doing?! It means we want a practical steps.

A lot of preacher’s sermons scold the people and the shutting what are we are we doing?

 I said: From my childhood, I want to follow the path of the saints, to be like them, to be free from sin, but these practical steps have never been heard of before. All the practical steps you mentioned had clear results, and when I was lazy, they made it easier for me to come back again.

He said: These practical steps are also the indicator of a person’s growth and others are just entertainment stories and social meeting.

 We’re going over what we said even we don’t forget.

 We talked about principles of work:-

-In a timely and inopportune time.

 – Continuity to speak

– Individual work

 The importance of individual work:-

– Everyone’s not gonna take it at the same way

– Difference in spiritual stature

– The concentration

Individual work is the Lord Jesus’ method and his last command to us “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations” (Matthew28:19)

We have mentioned this important principle by which the church is constantly growing

Those who come after us are stronger than us.

I said: What’s this week’s practice?

He said: Keep praying every day and saying,

 ” Use me, o Lord, for the glory of your holy name.”

 Try talking to someone every day about Jesus. If you don’t have a chance, try to testify about Christ through social media.


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The Lord Jesus’ last command to his Disciples and to us is to preach the Gospel(Mark16:15) and to tell of redemption, forgiveness, eternity and reconciliation with God. Jesus shed his blood for the salvation of the whole world and commanded us to tell everyone this salvation. And as loyal children of their father, we value this blood and tell the whole world.

Those who trust in forgiveness in the blood of Christ and who inherit eternal life cannot shut up but preach it. What are the principles of working with god? What are the motives, obstacles and levels of work? That’s what we’re going to step by step together to grow in the work and bear witness to Christ.

The Lord Jesus inflames our hearts and the hearts of all his people with the salvation of souls


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[1] 1(Eshbin):- A Syriac  word called to the person appointed by the church to be responsible for someone spiritually

[2] 1 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.( Matthew6:33).

[3] But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.(Luka6:49)

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