An obscure fifth-sixth-century holy person who was the companion of Ambrosius (feast day: 23 Tubah). inscriptions from DAYR JEREMIAH at mention him, always in the company of Ambrosius, a person of whom we know nothing at all (Quibell, 1907-1908, Vol. 3, inscriptions nos. 26, 36, 76; 1908- 1910, Vol. 4, inscription no. 95). H. G. EVELYN-WHITE thinks that he was contemporary with of Saqqara, who lived in the reign of the emperor Anastasius (491-518), if we are to believe what the Chronicle of JOHN OF NIKIOU says (89, 4).

The University Library in Leipzig and the in Cairo preserve two leaves published by Evelyn-White from the beginning—the title is intact—of a Life of an Hor who wrote to and was the companion of Ambrosius (1926, pp. 168-70). Evelyn-White, as W. E. and J. Muyser later, sets this Hor in relation to of Saqqara (Crum, 1913, p. 164, n. 1; Muyser, 1944, p. 187). Crum sees in the spelling Badasiyus in the SYNAXARION from Upper Egypt a corruption of Ambrosius, and even indeed the name of Epiphanius, which seems quite gratuitous (1926, Vol. 1, p. 216). Muyser (1944, p. 187) thinks that he is the same as Apa Hor of Abrahat, because the days of commemoration indicated on the one hand in the recension of the SYNAXARION of the Copts from Upper Egypt (23 Tubah) and on the other in the Cairo published by Evelyn-White are the same; but he does not explain why the one is a companion of Ambrosius and not the other.

According to these sources Hor wrote to Saint Jeremiah, the one of Saqqara, and was the companion of Ambrosius, whose name is of Western origin and rare among Egyptian proper names. He seems to have lived in the desert of Pisôben, which we can identify with the “Psôoun” of the nome of AKHMIM, named in the Life of Shenute (csco 41, p. 11, l. 27), and with the village of Absunah, which still exists.


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