Heinrich Schäfer (1868-1957)


A German Egyptologist. He studied Egyptology under A. Erman (1887). He was appointed to a post in the Berlin Egyptian Museum, becoming director in 1907. He was also professor at Berlin University. From this time on, Schäfer was responsible for a great amount of reorganization and cataloging of this great collection.

On his first visit to Egypt with Ulrich Wilcken, they found a at Ahnas. Schäfer assisted at the excavation of Niuserre’s sun temple and with H. Junker’s survey of Philae, collecting Nubian texts. On the philological side, he worked on texts of the Ethiopian period and those in the Berlin Museum and, with Junker, on texts in the Kenzi dialect. He also published the Coptic Cambyses story. His is a very large one, covering the fields of Egyptian art, archaeology, and philology.

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