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Haragli, Jean (1776-1815) - Coptic Wiki

HARAGLI, JEAN (1776-1815)

A Copt who became an officer in Napoleon’s armies. Haragli was born 15 May 1776 at Manfalut, Upper Egypt, the son of Haragli and Malakiyet. He obtained a fair education from the town priest, who nominated him as deacon of his church and continued to instruct him in the Coptic language, which was then nearly defunct. As a young man, on the orders of his cousin  Colonel  Gabriel  SIDARUS,  he  joined the Coptic Legion, newly founded by General Ya‘qub (see YA‘QUB, GENERAL) in Cairo, and served as an officer.

Apparently Haragli left Egypt with the retreating French army of Napoleon Buonaparte. He continued his military career as an officer in the French army, joining the Bataillon des Chasseurs d’Orient at its formation in in 1802. With his cousin, who had also left Egypt, he participated in most of the Napoleonic wars. He was a member of the regiment that fought in Dalmatia (Yugoslavia), the Ionian islands, and Italy until its dissolution in 1813.

Haragli was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1806 and achieved the rank of colonel in 1808. He was then placed on reserve for a while but later resumed active service. He was killed at the Waterloo, 18 June 1815.


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