Hanna Salib Sa‘D (1880-1928)

HANNA SALIB SA‘D (1880-1928)

Egyptian educator. He was delegated in 1904 by the Egyptian government to study the needs of modern education in Ethiopia. He went to Ethiopia in 1906 at the head of an educational mission and stayed there until his death in 1928. Emperor Menelik II offered to grant him Ethiopian citizenship, which he declined. He was appointed director of education of Ethiopia and also became a personal adviser to Emperor Menelik.

With the help of Matewos (see ETHIOPIAN PRELATES), Hanna Salib was able to obtain funds from the Ethiopian government and from Egypt to build the Menelik II in 1909. It became an established tradition that the teachers should be from Egypt, but this was broken with the Italian occupation in 1935. Following the return of the emperor in 1941, the tradition was resumed under the directorship of MURAD KAMIL.